Sunday Housekeeping

– The Super Bowl poll is pretty close. If you haven’t made your pick, get on it!

– There was a lot of cool video content last week. If you haven’t checked out the PadCasts with Ring of Honor world champion Austin Aries and Tarver games president/co-founder Chris Cross, please do. They’re both excellent people (in very different ways). As always, giant props to N8R for putting these together.

– On the gameplay front, don’t forget the Anders character reveal for Dragon Age: Origins Awakening and this super-cute clip from 3D Dot Game Heroes.

– Remember, since I’m not on a real ad network yet, my video posts are more lucrative than straight text posts. Your support would be immensely appreciated.

– Speaking of which, here’s my periodic nag about using my links. My friend recently bought a $500+ leather bag through Amazon and forgot to use one of my links. Ouch. If you can remember and are purchasing anything through Amazon, I’d super appreciate it if you entered Amazon through one of my links.

– Traffic has been steady since my last housekeeping post, but it’s not really growing. If you like a particular story or video, please share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Digg, N4G, Gamekicker, etc. I’m enjoying the site and loving the interaction, but things have to keep heading up. Since I don’t have a marketing budget, I really need y’all to spread the love.

– As far as traffic sources go, N4G has been down, Gamekicker has been up, and NeoGaf has been way up. It’s interesting to see what the various audiences like or don’t like. Some idiot on N4G rejected my piece on the Dante’s Inferno movie because the site doesn’t post reviews on Avatar or Spider-Man. That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Last time I checked, a major game publisher wasn’t directly involved with Avatar or Spider-Man.

– Enjoy the Super Bowl and let me know which commercials impressed you!

Questions Wanted for SwitchGames Jason Crawford

I’m meeting up with SwitchGames (a peer-to-peer service for trading games) founder Jason Crawford this week. He’s a cool guy and I’m looking forward to hanging out with him, but I figure I should try to slip in an interview while I have the opportunity. With that in mind, is there anything you’d like to ask Jason? If your question is used, you’ll be mentioned in an upcoming “PadCast”!

Sunday Housekeeping

– If you haven’t noticed the site’s new logo, take a peak and get mesmerized by its coolness. It’s another N8R original. Thanks man!

– Last week I posted the site’s first original video, with a huge assist from N8R. If you haven’t checked it out, please do. I’m going to try to do more of these audio interviews with still images. Hopefully that will tide me over until I can get video gear. Plus, I really hate transcribing. :P

– I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but almost everything in the “videos” category is hosted on my account. That means the ad revenue from those vids is mine. So please check out those vids and embed them if you can. You can also subscribe to my videos on iTunes if you’re so inclined.

– The traffic from Monday through Wednesday was pretty ordinary, but the site received nice spikes on Thursday and Friday thanks to NeoGaf.

– Please don’t forget about my Amazon links that can be found on every post and in the right sidebar. Remember, it doesn’t matter what you buy as long you enter Amazon through one of my links. They did okay in November and December, but they’re not doing much of anything in January. Yeah, I know holiday shopping season is over, but there are so many great Q1 games to pre-order!

– As always, thanks so much for reading the site and leaving comments! If my right knee cooperates, I should have some really cool stuff coming in February and March.

Sunday Housekeeping

– Last week was another strong one for Thanks to everyone for reading and leaving comments! It’s been two months and a few days since the site started. Sometimes it feels longer and even though I’m impatient with some of the things I want to do for the site, if I take a step back and give it some perspective, I’m proud of what it has become. So thank you!

– I’m messing around with the layout this week. Last time I asked about this issue, opinions were split on the matter. Let’s see how it goes. If it helps numbers, I’ll leave it. If the numbers are about the same and it bothers you, I’ll switch back to the old layout. Either way, let me know what you think.

– If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping, please consider buying something from through my site links. You can find gateways to Amazon in the right sidebar and in each individual story. I’m experimenting with a new ad vendor in some of the spots where the Amazon links used to be. I’m still trying to get into bigger ad networks, but let’s see how this does.

– I’m flying off to New York on Thursday to see my family for a few weeks. I’ll keep serving up content, but there will probably be a few slow days. My family has excursions to Manhattan and Atlantic City planned. I’ll bring my laptop and try to post some stories, but family time comes first.

– Again, thank you all for supporting the site by reading articles and leaving comments!

Congrats to Insomniacswaltz!

RPad Magnet Dricknasty teaser

Yeah, I know…I’m totally behind on the chick magnet giveaway. Getting back to the season of giving, the latest winner is Insomniacswaltz for this comment. Congrats on your prize! Keep an eye on your email so that I send it to you.

Today’s photo comes from Dricknasty. I put a teaser image above, with the full image after the break. Guess which videogame character I’m posing with in the photo!

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Sunday Housekeeping

– Last week was pretty big for Tuesday was the best day the site ever had, with a bunch of traffic coming from N4G and a little bit from Gamekicker. Overall, it was the best week ever (or evar!!!) in terms of traffic. To everyone that reads the site regularly, thank you so much! If there’s a particular article you like, I encourage you to plug it in the two aforementioned sites, Digg, Twitter, Facebook, etc. With your help, the site is growing!

– Last night at the Spike TV VGA after party, Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski punched me. Unfortunately, I only have one witness and she’ll side with him.

– If you still have holiday shopping to do, is way better than going to the mall. If you do use Amazon, kindly use any of the links you see on my site. That would help me out a bunch…especially if you bought like 12 LCD televisions. Ha!

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Housekeeping: Coffee Talk and Your Top 5 Games of 2009

Top 5For next week’s Coffee Talk columns, I’m going to be counting down my top five games of 2009. I’ll be starting of Monday with #5 and closing out the week with #1. In the spirit of the column, I’d love all of you to do the same. It’ll be fun!

Now when I say your top five games, I mean your top five games. It has nothing to do with quality, objectivity, etc. I want to know which five games you had the most fun with in 2009.

So get your thinking caps on and get ready to bust out your favorite games of 2009 starting on Monday!

Congrats to Dricknasty!

RPad Tramp Stamp

The chick magnet giveaway continues! The latest winner is Dricknasty for this comment. Please keep an eye on your email so that you can claim your prize. RRODisHere, kindly check your inbox and shoot me a reply so I can throw your magnet in the mail (probably using a split-fingered fastball).

Today’s photo is from the amazing N8R. It’s not a magnet pic, but rather an imagining of what a chick would look like with an tattoo (i.e. tramp stamp). I love it!!! If any of you can convince a pretty girl to do this…I’d give you something cool.

Congrats to RRODisHere!

RPad Magnet LarcenousLaugh

The latest winner in the chick magnet giveaway is RRODisHere! Here’s his winning comment. He was one of the first readers I got attached to at G4 for the way he stirred the pot intelligently. While other editors wanted to ban him, I always supported his efforts. I’m thrilled that he’s hanging out at my new site!

Today’s photo is from LarcenousLaugh and it’s Bat-tastic! Batman might be dead (well, as dead as any huge comic book character gets) in current DC continuity, but I’m proud to stand by his side. For the record, I’m more Nightwing than Robin.