Welcome to RPadTV 5.0

Thanks for checking out the fifth iteration of RPadTV! The site looks the way it does because I’ve grown tired of what the Internet has become. There are way too many bloated websites that serve up vapid content that’s based on forcing SEO keywords and cramming affiliate banners between paragraphs. Call me crazy, but I prefer websites that feature interesting ideas and interesting conversations. I’ve stripped down RPadTV so that it’s easy to read and will load quickly on mobile devices. The latest version of RPadTV follows a handful of simple rules and I’ll try my best to follow them for as long as possible.

  • There will be NO banner ads on the site — Visual ads are a waste of bandwidth. They’re easily blocked or ignored. They’re especially bothersome to people with mobile data caps. I could force the issue, but it would just be annoying, so I won’t.
  • I will never force an article in an effort to game search engines — I’ll write about things that interest me and hopefully interest you. Unlike some of the sites I’ve written for, I’ll never post an article on an insipid topic simply for search traffic. I’d like the site to be a destination that you enjoy and return to frequently, not something you happen upon once because of a Google search.
  • The site will grow with your help — While I promise not to use any visual advertising, I will use affiliate links from time to time. If you enjoy the site then kindly consider supporting it.


And that’s about it. While the design I’ve picked isn’t quite as simple as Daring Fireball and sites like it, I appreciate those sites. I also like visuals, so those are staying. The focus here is on content and conversations. I hope that RPadTV 5.0 is something that you appreciate too.