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To celebrate’s first month of existence, I’m kicking off a little contest. All you have to do is keep writing comments and you’ll have a chance to win an refrigerator magnet. Yeah, it’s not the best prize in the world, but I have a bunch of them to give away and I wanted to say thanks to everyone that’s helped the site get this far. Besides, if you’re on a diet then seeing my face on your refrigerator should help you out.

Here’s how the contest works:

– Starting tomorrow, I’ll email N8R a random number that’s based off of the last comment number. The person that makes that particular comment wins. For example, if the current number of comments is 100 and the magic number is 151 then the person that makes comment #151 gets a magnet.

– If a previous winner (or I) makes the winning comment then the person with the next comment gets the prize.

– I’ll contact you via email to get your mailing address for the magnet.

– The vintage R.Pad + Z.Flo magnet in the photo (from 2003 I think) is not available.

N8R and Sandrock323 are automatic winners for helping me out in the past. Congrats guys!!!

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28 thoughts on “Win Some Swag!”

  1. Keep up the good work Mr. Padilla! I won't be able to participate in the contest tomorrow, however…I would gladly pay for a medium-sized T-shirt with that picture from the magnet on it…hint hint…

    Talk to ya later Ray!

  2. Sweet. I'll be using your amazon links in the upcoming week to make a purchase. I have a $10 credit with them for buying MW2.

    Gratz on the site Ray. I hope it is something you can turn into a way of paying rent.

  3. I should clarify- the 'R.PAD' magnet, not the other one. Nothing against Miss Flower of course, but I don't think my wife would appreciate me wearing something with Zoe's face on it.

  4. What do we have to do for the Whirlpool, Mr. Padilla?

    On a side note; why don't you do a few reviews of the game(s) you are playing now? Yeah, I know you don't get games for free from work anymore (welcome to the club), but I know you still play a lot of games. I think this site could use a few game reviews to beef it up a little. You could even end up on Metacritic, which would help bolster your identity and hopefully more traffic to this site.

    And c'mon; everybody loves reviews… or at the very least, ripping on reviews. Either way, it’s an untapped marketing tool you could be using to solidify your quest for world domination.


  5. @Sandrock323 Ha! That would be funny. I'm sure my parents would love that.

    @Iceman Sadly, the refrigerator belongs to my apartment complex. I think they'd notice if I gave it away.

    As for reviews, I would only want to do them my way, which would take a TON of time. I have so many problems with how most enthusiast outlets handle reviews. If I wrote any for this site, I would have to do it the way I felt was "right" or my criticism would be hypocritical. It's too much for me to handle on my own at this time.

  6. wow is it really almost a month old?? the time has flown by thats for sure. congratulations on making it this far, and hopefully there will be many more to come!

  7. @Ray – grats on the first month. Your hands on approach with the site and with all of us is one of the many reasons I think it's been so successful. You keep a great looking site running, and whether it be by comment reply or even twitter, you never seem like you are too far away or even lost in ego like so many others. Here's to another month of the same!

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