Congrats to Rbee90!

The latest winner in the chick magnet giveaway is rbee90!!! His winning post is right here. Please check your email and I’ll hook you up with your prize. It’s nice having the support of a fellow Pinoy. Hopefully I can become the Manny Pacquiao or of videogame bloggers. Ha!

RPad Magnet Smartguy 1

As an added treat, here are three excellent pictures of Smartguy’s magnet. If you’ve already won, I’d super appreciate photos of your magnet. Please send ’em in!

RPad Magnet Smartguy 3

RPad Magnet Smartguy 2

Author: RPadTV

11 thoughts on “Congrats to Rbee90!”

  1. i just showed my girlfriend. she can't stop laughing.

    seriously, pictures of fridge magnets are awesome.

  2. dsfkjlfjasldknwgaweogn whhaaa??? HUZZAH! thanks rpad! this is awesome!!! ive never won something from teh interwebz b4!!

  3. @ RPad & Smartguy

    If my geek eyes are in tune, that's the back of a Macbook which means it's just on the monitor. Nowhere near the HDD.

  4. I still haven't figured out where to photo mine at. Maybe when I get my new PC case, I can take a pic of it on my shelf next to my Random geek crap/toys and PC.

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