Final Fantasy XIII Japanese TV Commercial

Here’s a recent Japanese television commercial for Final Fantasy XIII. I’m pretty sure the game will do well over there…but that’s just conjecture.

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14 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII Japanese TV Commercial”

  1. @rpad "I’m pretty sure the game will do well over there…but that’s just conjecture."

    I'm pretty sure oxygen will be consumed at a steady rate throughout the day…but that's just a conjecture. lol

  2. this game is gonna be on the xbox too, right?

    are we gonna start taking over/under bets on the number of dvd9 disks thats going to require?

    im going 6 disks…..

  3. Yeah, but i'm still sticking with 3. Compression and shortcuts should have gotten better over time. If it is any more than 3 disks, I think that could be too expensive.

  4. I'll take "I don't care how many discs it is, I'm still going to play it." Fact: I had to get up off my ass to change discs all my life. I don't see what the big deal is.

  5. yeah nightshade, go ahead and pick up that 24 disk xbox special edition ff13

    the big deal is, why the hell would you get it for xbox, when you could get it on one blu ray disk?

    just like if you had the ps3 and the 360 when gta4 came out, you might have wanted to get that on xbox…..just makes more sense

    i dont care how big an xbox fanboy anyone is, No one should buy that game on the xbox if they have both systems.

    is that really a controversal statement?

  6. is it certain that it will be only one double layer bluray? Kojima filled the double layer up so as to not have any compression (when anything is compressed you lose true 1080p). I would certainly expect FF13 to be bigger than MGS4 as far as content is concerned.

  7. if its more than 50 gbs, and its 2 blu rays, then you are looking at 6 dvd9s for sure

    im not trying to start a flame war, its just common sense…if i had an xbox, i would have bought orange box and gta4 on that…like i said, common sense

  8. i fully agree. It was merely a question that came to mind while reading your comment. Isn't it releasing in the next week or two in Japan? We'll know more then I guess.

  9. @Ray

    Yeah, I'll be curious if it is on 2 bluray discs though. I expect it should if the game will be in true 1080p.

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