Prizes Sent and Another Magnet Pic!

RPad Magnet N8R chick magnets have been sent to LarcenousLaugh and Nightshade386. Another winner will be announced later today if the usual traffic holds up, so keep commenting (please)! For now, enjoy this photo of N8R’s magnet attached to his excellent five-string bass. I think he’s officially the Billy Sheehan of the site.

Author: RPadTV

12 thoughts on “Prizes Sent and Another Magnet Pic!”

  1. I need to pick up a new bass. I sold mine a while back to help pay for my Les Paul (and I'd do it again), but I do miss playing it from time to time. I also want a new SG and a PS3, so I guess I'll have to prioritize…..bleh.

  2. That bass was actually custom made for me by hand via the son of B.C. Rich. The company is called Unique Guitars.

  3. @ R Pad

    Yeah, that's my buddy Joe. He's actually a really good friend of mine as well as a SHREDDING guitar player. I actually didn't ask for red… but hey, that's the colors he had around the shop.

    He also has the original template for the Warlock in his shop. The Warlock from which all other Warlock's were made. I like to think that the fact that I've actually held that beats my Jani Lane connection.

    Back to acoustics though, Rich actually made acoustics before he started making electrics. There are about 300 that still exist and they are truly beautiful guitars.

  4. @ Thundercracker

    To be honest, I find little use for the 5th string. Except when I'm doing metal, occasional blues, it's nice for jazz, and when the guitar player is tuned to baritone. Other than that, I'd rather stick to a 4 string.

    But… it's not like it gets in the way either. It's just one more string to mute when your not playing on it.

  5. @ R Pad

    Also, for as much as I don't like to drop names, my favorite celebrity that I've met is Victor Wooten. That dude is simply amazing. Super cool, goofy, and a comic book nut too.

    Shaking his hand almost made me pass out.

    After that, it's probably the original lineup of Gwar. Those guys are also huge geeks that are down with games, comics, and wrestling. My kind of people.

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