Congrats to Nightshade386 (and Other Contest Updates)!

Magnet winner Hrolf 1

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages… is proud to present the latest refrigerator magnet winner in the wooooooorld! Nightshade386!!! And if you’re not down with that, I’ve got two words for you! Winning comment.

Hrolf was kind enough to send pictures of his magnet. I’m honored to be on his fridge, along with his beautiful kids and Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo. Be sure to hit the break for one more photo.

LarcenousLaugh, you’ve been emailed. I’m still waiting for your mailing addy.

Magnet winner Hrolf 2

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58 thoughts on “Congrats to Nightshade386 (and Other Contest Updates)!”

  1. heh,our fridge is a little busy looking. My daughter LOVES Mr. Hanky,even sings the christmas poo song.

  2. Congratulations!

    @Nightshade; you should totally send in a picture of the "R-Pad Chick Magnet" poised in an inappropriate place like on a police cruiser, grandma's oxygen tank, or Reggie Fils-Aime's chin. Lord knows there's space enough there for a whole theme park.


  3. @iceman Reggie's chin is powerful. I'm pretty sure it's responsible for 65% of the Wii's sales in North America. Seriously, he's a pretty awesome guy. He still makes me nervous during face-to-face conversations…probably because I haven't gotten hammered with him. Ha!

  4. I don't care for Reggie. He's a damn suit who tries to act like he knows about gaming. He should fork over millions of bucks to learn from Steve Jobs.

  5. It slipped you into the bulk mail for some reason, so it didn't update automatically to the old iPhone. Replied.

  6. @Smartguy He's done a fantastic job with Nintendo's marketing since he came to the company. Plus, the dude use to work for Panda Express and Guiness (beer). That's pretty awesome.

  7. What did he do for Panda Express and Guinness? I only ask because I lived off of Panda Express during college and one of my favorite beers is Guinness. Plus, I have a Wii. Does that mean that my subconscious purchasing decisions are somehow affected by Mr. Fils-Aime? If he leaves Nintendo and goes to work for Hustler, I'm screwed!


  8. @ Panda Express

    One day, I friend of mine who has 3 kids got kicked out of his house. I took him out to Panda to try and cheer him up. For some reason, that day the chef had made the best orange chicken either of us had ever had in our lives. Not too tangy, not too spicy, absolutely none of the hard to chew parts, perfect.

    It was a miracle. We remembered the chef but neither of us ever saw him there again. I still contest that Jesus took the form of an asian chef at Panda just to make orange chicken for my friend that day.

  9. @Ray

    He doesn't sell anything to me. I can't stand to hear the guy talk.

    Also, Guinness is made in the Bahamas. I don't drink that fake Irish stuff.

  10. @N8R That was really Reggie. He's a master of disguise.

    Also, not too spicy?!? Pfft. Having Indian roommates in college and living in Thailand for a stint has raised my spice tolerance to super saiyan levels.

  11. after thinking some that map shows panda express where mulate's is. that is right on the river. i don't remember seeing it there. unless it is some place inside the Riverwalk (a mall).

  12. @ Spicy food

    Please don't take that comment out of reference. I put hot sauce on pizza as well as a number of everything that's not ice cream or pudding.

    I meant for orange chicken at Panda. It wasn't overbearingly spicy. The spice complemented perfectly.

    It almost spoiled orange chicken for me since.

  13. @N8R

    I've only been there once. It's a la carte.

    Places like that don't do so well around here. I think PF Changs stays in business because it is right by the Causeway and hooked to the mall right by the Causeway.

    Weird fact, there are no fast food restaurants at all in Chalmette. (part of St. Bernard Parish). Only family owned mom and pop places. Pretty neat.

  14. yeah, chinese food isn't that good here. i have no idea what good chinese tastes like. we do stuff like raw oysters, tons of seafood dishes. Good stuff.

  15. Mom and Pop FTW!

    What I want to know is, where can you find General Tso's in SoCal?

    I saw a bag of it at Target (gross) but that was it. No place I've been to has General Tso's chicken.

  16. I don't like the cheese at In 'n Out… or the fries.

    Carl's Jr is one we didn't have on the east coast that I like. I wish we had a Waffle House in either state.

  17. @Nightshade

    Good pick. Can't go wrong in that part of town though.

    I feel so left out of the convo, chain places aren't big here. Not fast food anyway.

  18. @Smartguy: I always laughed at the fact there's a Hooters just off of the French Quarter. It's like, don't they realize there are about 15 strip joints about 30 feet away?

  19. @N8R

    dats what i thought too at first. hated their fries. but then i discovered animal style. carl's jr has one of the best teriyaki burgers ever

  20. @ R Pad

    Well done might fix the sponge-like quality I don't like about them. I gotten them animal style before, I'm allergic to onions though.

  21. @nightshade

    i honestly don't know one soul who goes to Hooters. HoB and HardRock are right there as well and they have much better food.

    As far as the "entertainment" is concerned…yeah…it's much better one block over lol.

  22. @Smartguy: I love New Orleans, particular the French Quarter. I was there for Mardi Gras about 5 years ago. Flew in on Monday. Tuesday was Fat Tuesday & Wednesday was Ash Wednesday. Flew out on Thursday. Best vacation I've ever had, even if it was only a couple of days. Can't wait to go back someday, although now that I'm married I think another Mardi Gras is probably out of the question. :-(

  23. @nightshade

    try and get her to let you take a vacation with your friends. Tell her "it's NOLA, not Vegas…so it isn't like all partying, strippers, gambling and other forms of debauchery."

    hopefully she buys it. otherwise idk lol.

  24. bring her with you. she'll have a good time perhaps. you can arrange it to be two trips. bring her when it isn't mardi gras. go to the vieux carre (french quarter), jackson square, commander's palace. then bring her again during mardi gras. win win.

  25. in va we dont have panda express, carls jr, del taco, or in n out

    we do have "food lion" though

  26. its a supermarket really

    im intrigued by regional supermarket chains

    had never heard of "price chopper" before i met my gf

  27. its not often i get to talk to you anymore, so i just wanted to tell you thank you for all the hard work youve put into this site. It really has become part of my day and i think i speak for all of us when i say that we really appreciate everything you do

    happy thanksgiving dude

  28. Thank you! I do miss chatting it up with you too. Our hours just aren't overlapping as much. Fortunately, my brother was in town last night, so I was out with him and his girlfriend and got a late start on today's writing…and also I took an ill advised Dragon Age break. Ha!

    Seriously though, I really appreciate your support and comments from back on TheFeed and here!

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