BioWare’s Mike Laidlaw Talks Combat in Dragon Age: Origins

BioWare lead designer Mike Laidlaw discusses combat design in Dragon Age: Origins in this video clip. He talks about how the team attempted to modernize the feel of Baldur’s Gate II and create “sword porn” for the game. All sorts of details on combat mechanics (accompanied by slick video) are shared by Laidlaw. Executive producer Mark Darrah, lead writer David Gaider, art director Dean Andersen, and lead character designer Shane Hawco bring their perspective to the mix too.

While I’m absolutely loving the game, I don’t really get the BG2 feel — more of a progression of Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect really — but perhaps you disagree. Maybe it’ll be more like BG2 when I play it on PC. Anyway, check out this cool video that talks about the combat in this outstanding game.

On a side note, let me know if you find it funny every time Laidlaw says about in his Canadian accent. “A-boot” always cracks me up.

Author: RPadTV

3 thoughts on “BioWare’s Mike Laidlaw Talks Combat in Dragon Age: Origins”

  1. To me the combat felt like a melding of KotOR & the Gambit system from Final Fantasy XII. Considering how much I disliked FFIXII, I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying Dragon Age. Maybe it's because at no point do I feel like the game is playing itself for me and the bland character dialog of FFXII is nowhere to be found.

  2. FFXII bothered me on so many levels, the Gambit system was actually the least of my complaints. I mean, every character in your party was basically taken right out of Star Wars. The voice acting was dull. The story was mediocre compared to previous FF's. I've beaten pretty much every FF game (excluding the MMO), but I quite FFXII about halfway through.

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