Congrats to Shockwave562!

RPad Magnet rbee 1

The latest winner in the chick magnet giveaway is Shockwave562! Here’s his winning comment. Keep an eye on your email so that I can send you your prize.

Today’s pictures are from rbee90 and they’re Pinoy-tastic! A rice cooker is the most important kitchen appliance in a Filipino household (I use and recommend Zojirushi). Other pics include me next to a Filipino fast food cup and stuck on a guitar. Great stuff rbee90!┬áHit the break for two more photos.

Rpad Magnet rbee 2

RPad Magnet rbee 3

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10 thoughts on “Congrats to Shockwave562!”

  1. i think im the only one who hasnt won

    i made myself (im not eligable)

    that may change though, because i have an interesting photo idea

  2. @ Thundercracker

    Technically, I never won either… but I got one by default.

    Would I be overdoing it if I sent in some more pics? I got some more pretty cool ideas myself.

    Granted, I could also photoshop the pic into absolutely anything… but there's no fun in that.

  3. haha, Yes! finally!

    I think that the last thing I won was a gold Nintendo 64 controller from Nintendo Power magazine. This is way better!

  4. Nice pics, rbee and congrats to Shockwave. I can attest to the fact that the magnet is indeed better than a gold N64 controller.


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