Google’s Top 10 Videogame Search Terms for 2009

Google Zeitgeist has posted its top 10 search terms for a bunch of entertainment categories, including videogames. Here are the top 10 queries for games.

  1. ghostbuster
  2. ufc
  3. saw
  4. bakugan
  5. batman arkham asylum
  6. twilight
  7. fifa 2010
  8. modern warfare
  9. transformers 2
  10. resident evil 5

Ghostbusters the Videogame

The list is pretty interesting and indicative of what casual consumers search for. While a few of the titles on the list are definitely for the hardcore, a bunch of the search terms are mainstream. And then there’s Bakugan…which shocked the hell out of me at #4.

Anything on the list surprise you?


Author: RPadTV

6 thoughts on “Google’s Top 10 Videogame Search Terms for 2009”

  1. Theres a twilight game?Man thats horrible.Though only Batman and Cod is something I would play.My son has ghostbusters though.Loved ghostbusters as a kid and still liked them when i watched them a few months ago.Hadnt given the game a shot though yet.

  2. The way i read it was that they were seperate my bad.I was wondering about some of those lol.

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