Sunday Housekeeping: Text Ads, Amazon, and Contest Winners

– Some of you have probably noticed that I turned off the Kontera text ads. I gave them a shot for a couple of weeks, but I found them to be annoying and the ads they brought up were mostly irrelevant. Hopefully I can get on another ad network shortly.

– I have some Amazon spots on the site. A few of you have used them already and I thank you for that! Basically how it works if that if you click on the Amazon spots, I get a tiny cut of the sale. The good part is that they’re good for most products you buy on Amazon, not just the product specified in the ad. Please keep this in mind for your future Amazon purchases, whether you’re buying yourself a game or buying someone a holiday gift. Maybe I’ll get lucky and one of you will buy a dozen television through my Amazon links. Ha! has its first contest! N8R, Sandrock323, and Iceman have already won prizes. The latest winner is SlickyFats for this comment. I’ll email you shortly to get a mailing address for your prize.

– In addition to the pieces that kicked off the site, I’ve added a bunch of interviews and video. Hopefully I can keep posting more and more of this content. This week’s big interview is with Oddworld Inhabitants’ Lorne Lanning. Look for it on Monday!

– Traffic has remained steady since the site launched, but I really need to keep growing it to keep everything going. If you can help out by posting articles you like on Facebook and Twitter, I’d really appreciate it.

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