Congrats to Insomniacswaltz!

RPad Magnet Dricknasty teaser

Yeah, I know…I’m totally behind on the chick magnet giveaway. Getting back to the season of giving, the latest winner is Insomniacswaltz for this comment. Congrats on your prize! Keep an eye on your email so that I send it to you.

Today’s photo comes from Dricknasty. I put a teaser image above, with the full image after the break. Guess which videogame character I’m posing with in the photo!

RPad Magnet Dricknasty

Author: RPadTV

33 thoughts on “Congrats to Insomniacswaltz!”

  1. if i win a magnet im gonna show you guys my MOC gi joe collection, and maybe my masterpiece transformers collection as well….but like i said, im just biding my time :)

  2. Grats! Awesome picture. That's two now with a batarang in the background.

    Is that Ryu? Or Mike Duddikoff from American Ninja fame?

  3. @Larcenous

    oh man…you went there. Look at the stare…..

    Am I the only person on RPAD.TV that has the NV goggles?? Seems so. I'm the best.

  4. @Smartguy – what I love even more is that American Ninja is now an Rpad official inside joke.

  5. @Larcenous

    True. Even the prizes from Rpad have the Dudikoff influence. Just look at that stare….


    You must do an interview with Dudikoff.

  6. @Ray – if that ever happened I think you would be like Jesus in that film he started in… oh yeah, "The Son of God" staring Jesus as the Son of God, where he climbs into the airlock in the powersuit, and says "Keep your hands of her you bitch!" Or was that Aliens… very similar the christian faith and Aliens. – Eddie Izzard

    @Smartguy – he does have the stare. I don't want to start a flame war, but if you had to choose a winner between the Dudikoff stare and the Norris Beard, which would it be?

  7. Great, now I need to go rent American Ninja. Ah, the things I do to be a part of the inside joke.


  8. I just added it to my Netflix instant queue to refamiliarize myself with it. Seen it once, but a long time ago.

  9. @larcenous

    Hard to predict…unstoppable force meets an immovable object. I think the stare wins though…Dudikoff went untouched in that flick.

  10. @ R Pad

    I hear he lives in Redondo Beach… but I don't know for certain. He might not even have an agent anymore.

  11. @Ray

    Can you keep a straight face and interview him at the same time? Or would you need to do this over the phone?

  12. @Smartguy Oh absolutely. The only time I lost it in an interview was with Todd Hollenshead. He was talking about branded skins for Quake Live and I mentioned the possibility of a G4 skin. Three seconds later I was cracking up about a G-foreskin.

  13. @Smartguy – Ray would have to do the entire interview with a Chick Magnet in his hand ready to deflect the stare.

    @Ray – if you do get to interview him, you'll have to make sure you get a truly action oriented picture taken with him… possibly a Dudikoff super kick followed by the stare. Or maybe just him staring at you in the background, while you lie on the floor in the foreground, playing like he just beat you up.

  14. @Ray – this interview idea has become less of an "if you can" and more of a "now you really have to".

  15. @N8R

    My coworkers just came by my office to see why I was laughing so hard. thanks dude. that was great.

  16. @ Smartguy

    I've been there. That happened to me the day we were comparing ourselves to wrestlers on TheFeed.

    I tried to explain it to them, but they gave me that "You are such a nerd" stare. The good news is, none of them were Michael Dudikoff, so the stare had no effect on the tearing of my soul.

  17. @Smartguy I'd probably wear sunglasses anyway. Most of my on-camera stuff has been with shades, partially because my contacts get dry causing me to blink too much and partially because I don't like making eye contact (on camera and off).

    As for video, I really want to start some in 2010, but it's super expensive. Buying gear and paying for shooters/editors costs way too much. Maybe I can find an intern at UCLA. Ha!

    @LarcenousLaugh I've already made a few calls to see if anyone can contact him for an interview in January.

  18. @Ray: I was a mass comm major many moons ago. Unfortunately I never actually went into the field. But if you need a cameraman or a video editor using 15 year old equipment, I'm your guy!!

  19. I figured you would enjoy the Ryu action figure. Though there are a ton of stuff I could have had the picture taken with. NVG from MW2, Master Chief helmet from Halo 3, my goodies I walked away with from PAX, and an autograph from my favorite ball player, John Starks (because I know how much R PAd appreciated Stark's awesome 3 point shooting).

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