Congrats to Smartguy (and Other Contest Updates)!!!

RPad Magnet Iceman

Congrats to Smartguy!!! He’s the latest winner in the chick magnet giveaway. One of the site’s best and most frequent commentators, Smartguy won with this comment. Keep an eye on your email!

Today I mailed out prizes to Hrolf and thiswillallbeburne. Iceman was kind enough to send a photo of his magnet. If you already have one, I’d love to post a photo, so please send ’em in. I love that Iceman is looking at my site and chicks in bikinis. Awesome.

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37 thoughts on “Congrats to Smartguy (and Other Contest Updates)!!!”

  1. @N8R – I love that you were able to identify her. I respect a man who takes pride in his pron.

    @Iceman – Nice job, and excellent pic lol..

  2. I never got a page for winning or even an announcement. I am sad now. Okay well maybe not I did get an e-mail from Ray.

  3. Uh… yeah, sorry about that… I forgot to minimize the other windows in the background. My bad.

    And, Mr. Padilla, I'm pretty sure there are no bikini's on those sites. And if there are, then I missed them or they are not on for long.

    Thanks again for the magnet!


  4. @ Shockwave and Sandrock;

    Oh, you guys are bad. If you must know; my right hand is on the camera taking the picture. My wife, however, is under the desk doing… stuff.


  5. @ Larcenous

    I actually have a life long friend (an actual friend as opposed to the "I have a friend" that means myself) who's currently writing a book about all porn up until 1988. When you go to his house, that and old '60's gore flicks is all he watches.

    Meanwhile, the same guy is a brilliant songwriter. He writes those kinds of songs that everyone relates to when they listen to it. Really nice guy too.

  6. @ Cami

    There is a specific time to minimize your porn. Apparently… it wasn't time to close it out yet.

    (i.e. he wasn't finished with it yet)

  7. LOL!@N8R

    Let me know when the book comes out and what it is called. I have … a friend that may be interested in a book like that.


  8. @RPad

    Oops, just didn't see my name there. I actually watched that video and everything. My Most Humble Apologies.

  9. I'm tempted to change my username. I first started using it because of the amount of retarded posts I'd see on G4. Now it seems just asinine.

  10. @Ray

    I was thinking about extraneous things today at work (everyone is off except me).

    Get someone to do an Iphone app for your site. Your page loads fine for me regardless, but the app would be cool and one hell of a plug!

  11. For starters, a friendly box for entering text…similar to the one that is used in the facebook app.

    Perhaps push notifications for when stories are added.

    Maybe do away with the avatars on a mobile platform…they take time and battery to load.

    Biggest point: You could be cool like Ochocinco and have your own app.

  12. Seriously though his app does pretty cool stuff. It is a mesh of all of his stuff. Like a new social/news medium.

  13. @N8R

    Fine, I will keep my name, but I'm still gonna wear my golden jacket while I visit the site.

  14. In a related story, I passed a strip club in Tempe on the way home today. The sign said, "Follow us on Twitter!" Seems like if you're in that particular line of business you shouldn't be encouraging people to be sitting at home at their PC's checking out teh Pr0n, but should instead be focusing on trying to getting people to come in the door where they can actually spend outlandish amounts of money not touching the girls.

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