Facebook Coming to PlayStation 3?

Facebook PS3It looks like Facebook integration will be part of a future PS3 firmware update. ScrawFX has uncovered some screens and reported:

The leaked images show the ability to manage your Facebook in your PlayStation Network account settings, changing the color of your PlayStation Network gamercard and a new, more sufficient way of looking through your photos.

As we discussed in Coffee Talk #21, social-networking features are becoming a big part of the console experience. It was only a matter of time until Sony bolstered the social-networking functionality of the PS3.

Any of you guys and gals excited for this feature?

Source via Joystiq

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16 thoughts on “Facebook Coming to PlayStation 3?”

  1. Maybe this is how Sony plans on abandoning HOME? I have never used HOME and never will, but from what I gathered, this was(is?) a social networking client on the PS3.

    All this garbage takes up space and time for valuable updates in my opinion. I'd much rather firmware upgrades that make my cadillac of consoles more cadillac. (no clue if that makes sense)

  2. @smartguy Boxing is never too far from my brain. Ha! I wish I had a room that I could put a heavy bag and speed bag in. I miss training a lot. Plus, I love The Great White Hype. It's an okay movie at best, but it's hilarious for boxing fans. The way it parodied Don King with Fred Sultan and the WBC's Jose Sulaiman with Julio Escobar was brilliant.

  3. I believe so, I mean everything is already there on the browser, MySpace, Facebook, etc. This is more a of a refinement, but ignorant xbox fanboys will jump out and say that Sony copied MS when it isn't the case. The XMB will be getting an overhaul pretty soon with Netflix and maybe this if it turns out to be true.

    Even though I don't use it, it's still questionable why Skype STILL hasn't shown up on PS3 but it's on PSP. I wonder if Sony can strike a deal with Pandora since PS3 still doesn't have a radio tuner but the PSP does. I'm just expecting the XMB to get a overhaul in the coming year.

  4. Mmmm I'm not too excited about it myself. I don't use Facebook, I forget to check my Myspace half the time lol! Besides with the web browser, I can just go to it anyway. I pop in Home once every 2 months if my new long distance friends want to chill, or when silly promo items come out. But I generally stay away from there, especially being female. The amount of rude and horny pre-teens is astounding.

  5. haha, makes me think of the episode of Southpark where Bebe got boobs and all the boys turned into apes. LOL

  6. @Nightshade386 Like I mentioned in Coffee Talk, I had fun browsing photos with friends. It's all good for a quick glance at status updates. Sure, it's not the full experience, but it gives you a lot.

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