Razer USA President Robert Krakoff Talks Xbox 360 Controllers

One of the leading companies in competitive PC gaming products, Razer recently announced that it was entering the console market with a pair of Xbox 360 peripherals. I recently chatted with Razer USA president Robert “Razerguy” Krakoff to discuss the Onza controller and Chimaera headset. In addition to detailed features on these products, Krakoff told me why Razer decided to enter the console space and discussed the company’s plans for other consoles. Check it out!

(Huge thanks to N8R for putting this together!)

Author: RPadTV


16 thoughts on “Razer USA President Robert Krakoff Talks Xbox 360 Controllers”

  1. @Ray

    Great work. Glad you got your first vid up. Now for Dudikoff.

    Question: Did he call you Mark at 6:49ish?

  2. did n8r put the interview together?

    or did he put the video together?

    either way, that guy must be stopped……

    jk, congrats ray, and i love the opening. Id totally go with the narcisistic thing too :P

  3. nice work on the first vid ray. The controller looks interesting, I think it might be better suited for my PC. the emulators that I play cry for a better D pad

  4. @Smartguy Nah, that was just an inaudible.

    @thundercracker The great N8R put together the video. He's also responsible for the narcissism. Ha!

    @Shcokwave562 Just wait until I have enough money for a camera!

  5. Maybe these controllers won't suck. I hate the normal 360 controllers, they're as bad as the GameCube controllers…

  6. @ Note to self

    Even with a complimentary graphic… it can still even get past the Smartguy.

    @ My opinion of the products

    I think the headset is especially cool. It's not the first one like it and named after a metal band… but cool none the less. If it out performs the Turtle Bay one, it's worth the price tag I suppose.

    I'm really interested in a a few aspects of the controller. I very much hope the rapid fire makes it through because I'm sick of mashing buttons. The programmable buttons seem very interesting as well but I think he dodged Ray's question about how exactly they work. Could I program in a Haduken on one and a Sho-ryuken on the other? What about a 10 hit Tekken combo? What about a full rotation of an analog stick for like UFC submission holds?

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