Coffee Talk #66: It’s Nintendo’s World and We’re Just Playing in It

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Nintendo’s sales figures — for both hardware and software — in December 2009 were ridiculous. The company stomped the competition. On the hardware side, it wasn’t even close. On the software side, it dominated the charts. While I know that there will always be a market for enthusiast gamers, I’m starting to wonder if it will become niche.

A year ago I would have scoffed at the notion, but Nintendo keeps putting these kinds of numbers and its competitors yearn for similar success. On the hardware front, Microsoft and Sony are busting out motion controllers to help expand their audience to the mainstream. Who knows how successful they’ll be with these efforts, but it’s clear that they both want a slice of the casual pie Nintendo has been feasting on.

Maybe it’s a combination of insomnia and paranoia, but I’m a little bit scared of what the gaming market will become. Do you think it will get to the point that gamers like you and me are the minority? Will all three console companies be fighting it out for the Wii Sports Resort crowd? Or do I just need to take a nap?

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13 thoughts on “Coffee Talk #66: It’s Nintendo’s World and We’re Just Playing in It”

  1. further proof that motion controls will become the market standard on all consoles going forward. Hopefully there will be games for players like us once the dust has settled from this generation of consoles.

  2. I, and the games I play, have always been in the minority. Nintendo is just drawing in the other crowds and pointing out how traditional gaming has always been a minority. Maybe one day we will be the common couch potatoes (ie TV junkies) of today, but I think that day is (in a galaxy) far far away.

  3. I think the Wii keeps putting up good numbers because of uninformed people. And we all know there are lots of those. People hear "Wii" and they think oh that's a good family thing and everyone will want it and play it all day long and we'll be a better family and more in shape.

    I don't know 1 person that has a wii and would ever consider turning it on more than once a week, if that soon. I cannot understand how the market is not already overly saturated with the damned console.

  4. @slicky – some families like to only play the wii once a week. I know a lot of people who are very happy with their wiis… they just aren't gamers at all

  5. @Shockwave

    I don't personally know anyone who has bought a Wii that doesn't already own other consoles and they feel let down and slightly ripped off by it. I always think to myself I am going to go buy a Wii, then I realize it isn't as fun as I think and change my mind.

  6. I think Smartguy is right. In fact, I'm going to start shopping for PC parts now. Damn you, Nintendo, look what you started. Congratulations and good luck NOT being complacent.


  7. I own a Wii, and the last game I bought for it was some underwater scuba diving exploration game for my daughters birthday last year. She has played it one time, and the Wii continues to collect dust while I play the 360, My wife plays the 360, and my daughter is learning how to play some games on the 360. While there are some really great games for the Wii, I see no reason to support them anymore seeing as how they seem only to care for the casual market.

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