What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I’m pretty sure I’m done with Return to Ostagar for Dragon Age: Origins. Three runs is enough. It’s not going to get any better. That leaves me with some unusual choices this weekend. I’m going to give Matt Hazard: Blood, Bath, and Beyond a shot. Its combination of old-school 2D-shooting action and irreverent humor totally works for me (on paper).

I’ll also been messing around with a cute and simple iPhone game called Bird Strike. You basically fling a bird in the air, collect stuff on the way up, and break stuff on the way down. It’s a fun diversion for when you need to kill a few minutes.

How about you ladies and gents? What’s on your weekend playlist?

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  1. well I'm on my 4th play of Dragon Age right now, unfortunately I have missed the boat on Return to Ostagar thus far, hopefully it will be back soon. On my latest playthrough I had the romances with Alistair, Zevran, and Leliana, finishing up those achievements.

    I've completed a lot of quests this time around that I didn't previously, such as killing Gaxxkang (truth be told I ran in to his hovel on accident) and getting the sword out of meteor rock. I'm hoping by completing every open quest I have and really exploring every hut is going to get me the traveler achievement. it is the last on my list and I'm a little annoyed I haven't gotten it

  2. I broke down and bought Batman Arkham Asylum and Spider-Man Web Of Shadows used a few days ago, so I am gonna settle down for some superhero game time. It might get me to finish Mavel Ultimate Alliance as well.

  3. I have to work Saturday, so I will be trying to spend as much time as possible playing Mass Effect this week end. Last night, I hit they 75% mark and got the last two achievements I need for that play through. Now I'm back on my main character completing the game on Veteran difficulty and getting the last two party member achievements. This is also the first game I will carry over so I need to complete every quest I can in the manner I wish to carry over. Can't wait for the 28th :)

  4. @Ray, and here I was happy about the sword. son of a…..

    Well, I'm sure to start another play if I don't get the traveler achievement. I will have it… the precious

  5. @hrolf did you read that they are possibly coming out with a B:AA GOTY edition? They haven't announced what's going to be included yet but i'm just going to wait for that. I've been so wanting to pick that game up.

    I'm probably going to squeeze in some FN:Round 4 with the Moseley fight around the corner. Actually two weeks away but i miss boxing. My friend just got MW2 for the PS3 so i'll probably get some time there too. But other than that hardly no other gaming busy weekend doing other things.

  6. I will be "playing" the role of student this weekend. I decided to try and be full-time again this semester so I took 3 "blow-off" classes: College Algebra, Fundamentals of Wireless LAN, and AutoCAD. I am doing those while in A&P 2. I may have done too much this time.

    So I basically don't have time for games until I get ahead of my class schedules.

  7. Me and my wife have started playing Gears of War 2 together. We should be done with it this weekend … or not since we are going to be moving into our new home.

    It's getting harder and harder to play games by myself. She always wants to play a co-op game with me. The other day she saw an "Army of Two" commercial and her eyes went wide. She says: "Is that 'two' as in 'two players?' Oh my god, lets get it!" I'm going to have to get her her own console one day.


  8. @slicky

    I didn't know there was a first person tetris. It's making me dizzy so i stopped/paused at level 5. It gives me another game to play. I was playing the 8-bit version of left 4 dead but this should help kill some time. thank you very much.

  9. @slicky

    I feel ya man, I have 18 hours scheduled this semester. Trying to finish before any more classes fall victim to higher education budget cuts.

    Cost Accounting II

    Advanced Tax II


    Finance 500

    Ops Mgmt 521

    Mythology (need some extra hours for CPA)

  10. Ugh I got to work most of Sat too. And I haven't gotten to game as much as I like this week, so the weekend will be full of Darksiders and Dragon Age until my husband hogs the tv lol. Then it's The World Ends With You on my DS.

  11. @smartguy – speaking of which I'm pretty excited about the Arizona, NO game. I think the winner may end up in the Super Bowl.

  12. @Smartguy

    I wish I could take a mythology class. Sounds fun. I am looking foward to the New Clash of The Titans. The old was so corny it was good.

    I tried to sign up for Physical Education Online, but it filled up pretty quickly.

  13. @Shockwave

    I think Minn and NOLA wins this weekend. Both are very healthy now. Not too mention…the Saints just energized the fan base beyond anything I have ever seen. They signed Deuce McAllister this morning and put him on the active roster. My day got better.


    I need more hours for my CPA and the mytho class was 100% internet. I read the syllabus the other day and he does cumulative midterms and finals. Plus there is some powerpoint due on myth in our society today. Hello god of war powerpoint lol.

  14. I need to spend some time with Darksiders this weekend. I've also got an old fashioned table top D&D game starting up on Saturday. Yeah, I'm that kind of geek. It'll be nice to play for a change instead of having to run something.

  15. I will probably play more firstpersontetris.com this weekend. Damn that gets hard when you are about 65% of the way up the grid!

  16. @Smartguy – haha yeah it does, but i don't mind. he works 2 jobs so when he's home the tv is his.

  17. @Cami

    Nice. I will need more detailed information about you before I decide to rescue you from Mississippi.

  18. Yea I did see that. About 2 hours after I ordered Batman on Gamestop. I was a little upset, but It was not in the list of games dropping in price yet, so I guess i dont regret buying it.

  19. I have been playing bayonetta and army of two the 40th day all weekend. Both games are awesome!

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