Sunday Housekeeping

– If you haven’t noticed the site’s new logo, take a peak and get mesmerized by its coolness. It’s another N8R original. Thanks man!

– Last week I posted the site’s first original video, with a huge assist from N8R. If you haven’t checked it out, please do. I’m going to try to do more of these audio interviews with still images. Hopefully that will tide me over until I can get video gear. Plus, I really hate transcribing. :P

– I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but almost everything in the “videos” category is hosted on my account. That means the ad revenue from those vids is mine. So please check out those vids and embed them if you can. You can also subscribe to my videos on iTunes if you’re so inclined.

– The traffic from Monday through Wednesday was pretty ordinary, but the site received nice spikes on Thursday and Friday thanks to NeoGaf.

– Please don’t forget about my Amazon links that can be found on every post and in the right sidebar. Remember, it doesn’t matter what you buy as long you enter Amazon through one of my links. They did okay in November and December, but they’re not doing much of anything in January. Yeah, I know holiday shopping season is over, but there are so many great Q1 games to pre-order!

– As always, thanks so much for reading the site and leaving comments! If my right knee cooperates, I should have some really cool stuff coming in February and March.

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12 thoughts on “Sunday Housekeeping”

  1. Hell, thank YOU Ray. I totally subscribed to the iTunes feed.

    I've told like everyone on my XBL friend list that I talk to regularly about this site and whether or not they even checked it out is a mystery to me. I know this one Canadian girl who absolutely pwns in every shooter she plays. I'm trying to recruit her as an Rpadaholic, but she's not all that addicted to the internet as are the rest of us.

    She told me she just got an LG IQ, maybe I can convince her to get on here with it as an effort to tell her more features about it (mwahahaha).

  2. @ Sandrock

    I believe I remember a way to get Podcasts on the Zune, I just can't remember how. I can't even find mine right now to check it out for you.

  3. @ R Pad

    From what I can tell… no ads (and I don't see why there would be ads).


    Your Razer interview video is the older one with the misleading price graphic and the old Razer logos.

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