Verizon Getting Apple Tablet in 2010 and iPhone in 2011?

A lot technophiles are hoping that the rumors of Verizon getting the iPhone in 2010 come true, but one longtime technology writer says it’s not happening. With Verizon starting the transition from 3G CDMA technology to 4G LTE, some experts feel it would be silly for Apple to trot out a CDMA iPhone this year. The consolation prize? The Apple tablet…or iTable…or iSlate…or whatever the hell they’re calling the device this week. PC Magazine’s Sascha Segan recently wrote:

There isn’t going to be a Verizon iPhone in 2010. Get over it. Verizon and Apple are on the same wavelength about the iPhone being a slam-bang device to help promote Verizon’s LTE network, which means 2011. But the Apple Tablet is exactly what Verizon is looking for right now.

On paper, I agree with him. In practice, I don’t. I sincerely doubt LTE deployment will go as smoothly as planned. You know those lovely coverage maps Verizon likes to show off? At launch time, its LTE map is going to look more like AT&T’s current 3G map. With that in mind, why wouldn’t Verizon want a CDMA iPhone? It could sell millions of them for years, as opposed to an LTE iPhone that has a far more limited reach.

It just seems silly and overly ambitious to wait on LTE for the iPhone.¬†AT&T has become a strong #2, largely due to the iPhone. Verizon could leave its nearest competitor in the dust by offering the most popular consumer phone on the strongest network in the country. This is pure conjecture, but I’d bet that a CDMA Apple tablet would do a fraction of the numbers a CDMA iPhone would do. I don’t see how it would be “exactly what Verizon is looking for”.

What do you make of all this? If Verizon has the opportunity to get a CDMA iPhone, shouldn’t it jump at the chance? How well do you think an Apple tablet would do for the carrier? Are any of you even interested in one?


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  1. If given the chance I would guess Apple would jump all over a CDMA iPhone even knowing that 4G is coming. That's what Apple does isn't it. They put out a phone then the next year a slightly better but ultimately the same phone and have people buy a new device each year.

  2. I agree with slicky. I would figure that Apple would be interested in getting in the market right away with Verizon and then when they launch the 4G in 2011, they would launch a newer iPhone. Who knows maybe they are waiting for 2011, to have a phone that can support both CDMA and the LTE networks and switch networks if the other band has low reception like the current iphones do now. I actually like my at&t service i don't have any 3G issues in Chicago, i just wished my battery would last longer.

  3. Why can't Apple make an exclusive phone for Verizon's network and call it a "Mac Phone" or something? I'm sure it can't be in the AT&T/Apple contract that Apple can't do another exclusive phone for another company.



  4. I could see the strategic advantage of Verizon wanting to hold off and get an LTE iphone. Verizon is on record as saying that LTE will be usage based…what better way to head into that transition than with the iphone? That way your Iphone has apps that will talk to your other LTE devices on the network.

    Personally I'll stick with my HSDPA instead of being gouged by LTE pricing.

  5. maybe I just don't know enough about the LTE system (which I can guarantee I don't) but I don't see why there would be any hesitation about getting a CDMA iphone, I certainly want one and will be disappointed if it doesn't happen. I will be a little upset if the itablet comes to verizon. I do not see how it is just what verizon wants or needs, the itablet sounds cool I guess, but I don't see the need for it on a cell phone provider's lineup. I could however see a lot of business and medical applications for an itablet. Frankly, I don't understand the hype I read about an itablet.

    I would also agree with slickyfats, that is what apple does, why would they change now?

    @tokz I have heard that chicago has decent AT&T coverage, my fiance's mom lives in merrilville and works in chicago, and has an iphone that she says gets great reception all over that area. I do know that their coverage decreases a lot near Indy and Ft. Wayne though.

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