Congrats to Shockwave562!

RPad Magnet rbee 1

The latest winner in the chick magnet giveaway is Shockwave562! Here’s his winning comment. Keep an eye on your email so that I can send you your prize.

Today’s pictures are from rbee90 and they’re Pinoy-tastic! A rice cooker is the most important kitchen appliance in a Filipino household (I use and recommend Zojirushi). Other pics include me next to a Filipino fast food cup and stuck on a guitar. Great stuff rbee90!┬áHit the break for two more photos.

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Congrats to CamiKitten!

RPad Magnet Nightshade 1

CamiKitten is the latest winner in the chick magnet giveaway! Here’s her winning post. Please check your email so that I can send you your prize. Congrats again!!!

Today’s pictures are from Nightshade386. He sent in some really fun ones. He snapped me with games, in front of a strip club, and sandwiched between Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Check ’em out!

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Congrats to Bsukenyan!!!

Thank You typewriter

Congrats to bsukenyan for being the latest winner in the chick magnet contest! Here’s his winning post. I would also like to give him bonus thanks for posting a few of my articles on Gamekicker. A few weeks ago, I started submitting articles to N4G. Those two sites helped bring in some new traffic. In fact, the week before Thanksgiving was the site’s best since launch!

Bsukenyan, please check your email and congrats/thanks again!!!

Congrats to Rbee90!

The latest winner in the chick magnet giveaway is rbee90!!! His winning post is right here. Please check your email and I’ll hook you up with your prize. It’s nice having the support of a fellow Pinoy. Hopefully I can become the Manny Pacquiao or of videogame bloggers. Ha!

RPad Magnet Smartguy 1

As an added treat, here are three excellent pictures of Smartguy’s magnet. If you’ve already won, I’d super appreciate photos of your magnet. Please send ’em in!

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Prizes Sent and Another Magnet Pic!

RPad Magnet N8R chick magnets have been sent to LarcenousLaugh and Nightshade386. Another winner will be announced later today if the usual traffic holds up, so keep commenting (please)! For now, enjoy this photo of N8R’s magnet attached to his excellent five-string bass. I think he’s officially the Billy Sheehan of the site.

Congrats to Nightshade386 (and Other Contest Updates)!

Magnet winner Hrolf 1

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages… is proud to present the latest refrigerator magnet winner in the wooooooorld! Nightshade386!!! And if you’re not down with that, I’ve got two words for you! Winning comment.

Hrolf was kind enough to send pictures of his magnet. I’m honored to be on his fridge, along with his beautiful kids and Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo. Be sure to hit the break for one more photo.

LarcenousLaugh, you’ve been emailed. I’m still waiting for your mailing addy.

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Congrats to Smartguy (and Other Contest Updates)!!!

RPad Magnet Iceman

Congrats to Smartguy!!! He’s the latest winner in the chick magnet giveaway. One of the site’s best and most frequent commentators, Smartguy won with this comment. Keep an eye on your email!

Today I mailed out prizes to Hrolf and thiswillallbeburne. Iceman was kind enough to send a photo of his magnet. If you already have one, I’d love to post a photo, so please send ’em in. I love that Iceman is looking at my site and chicks in bikinis. Awesome.