Congrats to Bsukenyan!!!

Thank You typewriter

Congrats to bsukenyan for being the latest winner in the chick magnet contest! Here’s his winning post. I would also like to give him bonus thanks for posting a few of my articles on Gamekicker. A few weeks ago, I started submitting articles to N4G. Those two sites helped bring in some new traffic. In fact, the week before Thanksgiving was the site’s best since launch!

Bsukenyan, please check your email and congrats/thanks again!!!

Author: RPadTV

7 thoughts on “Congrats to Bsukenyan!!!”

  1. Gratz dude. Now you will be the most popular person wherever you are. Your life will turn into a GGW video now. WOOT

  2. Mr. Padilla,

    That reminds me; if you (and anyone else reading this for that matter) are interested in getting your game-related articles online and read by more of the gaming community, try this:

    Pay attention to and click on the "Editorial Calendar" dates to see what kind of topics they are interested in for that particular week. I often read the really well written articles on the site, but I usually go on Wednesday for Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw's video game reviews. Something about scornful, scathing video reviews that make my spider sense tingle with delight. Poor game developers. To see their hard work and effort be torn to flaming pieces in about five and a half minutes must be so demoralizing.

    I have to share one of my favorite reviews with you guys. Although I usually like all of his video reviews, this one is icing on the cake:


    P.S.- I would like to apologize in advance to those of you whom are Sonic fans if you click on the link above.

    P.P.S- Congratulations, Bsukenyan! Send us a cool picture with the “chick” magnet.

  3. now I will have something to make all of my friends jealous with!! time to find somewhere to take a clever picture with it.

  4. @iceman

    zero punctuation is cool, and terribly clever, but dude speaks so fast im afraid im going to succumb to an epileptic fit mid-review

  5. @Ray – just got my Magnet. Should be able to send you a pic later today. Looks completely pimp on the fridgerlator!

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