Nintendo Suing Nokia for Promoting Software Emulation on N900?

According to Edge (the magazine, not the guitar player or the wrestler), Nintendo is considering suing Nokia over a video of the latter’s N900 mobile phone running classic NES, SNES, GBA, and GBC games. The site noted:

Nintendo’s is investigating a potential case of copyright infringement after a Nokia blog post showed a video of the handset maker’s new N900 smartphone playing emulated retro games.

“There’s already a bunch of great retro gaming emulator apps available for you to download,” says the video, which shows buttons that appear to open emulators for systems including Nintendo’s Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, NES and SNES.

Nokia N900

Running emulators to play old games can be a sketchy practice. In some countries, it’s totally legit if you own a copy of the original game you’re emulating. In others, it’s no dice. Either way, it was silly of Nokia to post a video promoting emulation. Why draw attention to a feature that promotes piracy (the software stealing kind, not the Captain Jack Sparrow kind)?


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  1. They are trying to create hype.

    Palm had been doing that with their Pre and synching to Itunes, even went and used false USB info so they would communicate, every time Apple changed Itunes, Palm changed the USB ID to combat it. Palm was in the wrong, but it was their way of getting out in the media.

  2. The conversation taking place in the picture of a cell phone you posted is at best cheesy and at worse a total fabrication of an actual conversation taking place among friends.

  3. @Larcenous;

    Thanks for pointing that out. I read it and LOL'd.

    If Nintendo is going to sue someone for something, I think it should be this:

    You know, I always thought it would be a cruel joke to hire an eager intern for a video game magazine/website and have him/her "review" games on the Zone 40, Nokia N-Gage, and Mac games as a cruel, torturous initiation.


  4. @Iceman – can you imagine how downtrodden that intern must feel.

    Editor – Smitty, you get MW2 this month… Jones… hrmm, Jones… need you to write up something on the N-gage… you have 500 words kid, make em count.

    Smitty – America, F*ck Yeah!

    Jones – But sir, the N-gage doesn't make anything anymore.

    Editor – God damn it Jones, you're an intern, not a real employee. Suck it up, but in your hours now and I am sure, in 3…4… 10 years you'll be able to do the same to another new intern that comes through those front doors. You should be thankful you're getting a paycheck.

    Jones – I don't get a paycheck.

    Editor – And you won't if you keep staring at me and drooling. Now go get that N-gage cubbie!

  5. Amazing that Nintendo is pissed about 8 bit games being emulated on a phone. They only have about 30 NES games for sale on VC anyway. Why don't they just sell their whole library and an emulator for $50? They have already said that they ate focusing more on wiiware since it sells better than the old stuff. I'd jump all over a cheap emulator with a ton of Roms that is drm free.

  6. Nes games are for hardcore gamers.

    Nintendo doesnt really give a crap about us anymore.

    they like the money parents of 3-7 year olds and 50-99 year olds have better.

    (Yea, I have a Wii. My 4 year old LOVES it)

  7. @Hrolf;

    Do you ever wonder what your 4-year old will say about the Wii when he/she turns 30 and has kids of their own?

    It probably is a moot point anyway since you and I and everyone else here will be at Shady Acres retirement community playing Goldeneye until its time for our meds.


  8. She will say that she doesnt remember it. She will be moving on to the 360 soon enough since the games coming out for the Wii are too young for her. She is already excited at the idea of roaming the wasteland in Fallout 3 and joining the dark brotherhood in Oblivion.

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