This Week’s Videogame Releases

Avatar movie

There’s not a whole lot coming out this week. The two notable releases are Avatar and MX vs ATV Reflex for multiple platforms. Since it’s a dead week for videogames, let’s talk about the Avatar movie. Are any of you excited for this? I’m so not. I don’t see what all the fuss is about (and I think the blue people look stupid). If I’m missing something, someone kindly explain it to me.

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  1. I really don't know what all the fuss is about for avatar. I don't see it being an epic film but I might see it on DVD or something. I'll wait for good reviews

  2. its not so much the film itself that has people excited about this movie (Which i don't think looks good at all). The big deal (or at least it was whenever I read about it a month or two ago) is the camera that they used to film it in. Rolling Stone magazine did a blurb about it and it was something about a $100,000 dollar digital camera that just came out and how it allows for good quality picture, digital format native, and there are some other features that apparently allow for some cool cinematography that previously just wasn't possible. And the price is a HUGE draw for people because usually the film alone to shoot a movie would be over $100,000. its a big savings and allows for higher quality production at a lower cost, opening up the opportunity for more indie film makers.

    Simply put Avatar is just the first to use all this and will get a lot of hype for being groundbreaking whether it is a god movie or not.

  3. Yes, count me in as part of the group of people who are mildly interested in the film, but just think it's overhyped to the point where you don't think it's going to be THAT good.

    Also, the previews keep reminding me of Starship Troopers for some reason, with a little bit of smurfs and The Matrix vibes peppered in.


  4. I think it's over hyped because it's the most expensive movie ever made. $200 million to make back and in this economy, New Moon only has just now pulled in half of that in it's second week.

    If Fox wants to turn a profit ( and I think they deserve the hit because of what they tried to do to Watchmen), they better make sure everyone and their whole family goes to see it at least twice.

  5. @ Ray – the only reason I remembered it is because they're actually sending us a review copy. Can you imagine, reviewing a game that you didn't have to spend your own money on? It's like a whole brave new world we've entered….

  6. We previously got one for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. So this is officially the 2nd review copy we've gotten. I don't mind buying the AAA titles for the most part. But with some of these non-major titles it's tough to justify buying them, so they tend to get reviewed when Gamefly gets around to sending them to one of us. So it's good that those are the ones that are starting to trickle in because otherwise we might end up passing on them or getting to them late.

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