This Week’s Videogame Releases

Jenny McCarthy

When the two most notable game releases of the week are Tekken 6 for PSP and a Jenny McCarthy game for Wii, you don’t have a whole lot to work with. Instead, I’ll offer you a picture of Jenny and ask you if there are any games you’re hunting for on Black Friday.

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  1. We have offcially entered the "I am not allowed to buy myself anything pre-christmas or my wife will kill me with what I bought" time period. As far as I am concerned, there are no new games/movies being released until christmas morning.

    In fact, with my birthday coming after christmas in January (it's the 16th, mark your calendars :P) I do less purchasing these two months then any other months in the year. Luckily I get to throw everything on to a list and then check stuff off as it comes in lol.

  2. @larcenous. I agree completely, my birthday is tr begining of November so I buy nothing for 2 months for most part. My girlfriend gets mad anytime I buy something around this time of the year.

  3. well. you poor bastards,

    im prolly gonna go ahead and get buzz cause i loves me some trivia, and i still need that god of war collection

  4. @ Larcenous

    My birthday is 4 days after yours. Same boat here.

    @ Thundercracker

    Beat it this weekend. Holy f'n WOW!!! I'm gonna be replaying that for sometime.

    I bought Arham Asylum the same day and playing AC2 almost ruined Batman… ALMOST! Thank God for the Riddler.

  5. Yeah, I've gotta agree with Larcenous on this one. I've spent enough of my own money this fall on video games. Now it's time to kick back and look at pictures of Jenny Mc………um……wait for X-mas to see what I get.

    Damn, Freud was right….

  6. @n8r

    i wish you had said it sucked……..also, yeah, i started to play arkham asylum, but i dont see myself going back to it anytime soon…

  7. Well it's nice to see a week with nothing worth purchasing. my back log is pretty big now but I think my only purchase left to get before the end of the year is Assasin's Creed 2.

    @Ray – nice work with the picture. somehow a screen shot of Tekken 6 on PSP wouldn't have cut it

  8. @N8R – I don't wanna hear anymore about ACII or you're a goner :P

    I loved Arkham Asylum ; ;

    @thundercracker – hahaha, how would I not :P

  9. @ Cami

    No spoilers what-so-ever from me… I swear to it.

    It's a must get though. I almost got SvR 2010 instead (with some of the best writing in VG history), but my wife was there to tell me she'd rather get me SvR for X-mas.

    So… I wait.

  10. I WANT THE God Of War COLLECTION! but im planning to buy new controllers on black friday.


    that would be hilarious. but yeah. buy AC2. its better than the first one.

  11. @Everyone;

    If you are going to buy something online through Amazon, don't forget to click on one of the links to on this site to help out Mr. Padilla. Even if what you buy is not what was in the ad, he will still get credit as long as you buy something on Amazon through his ads. I know most of you already know this, but I though it could bear repeating.


  12. @AC2 – been putting a lot of time into it and am quite happy with it as a whole. The way they have weaved the sci-fi elements they ended the first one with into what seemed like a pretty cut and dry revenge tale is beautiful, and playing as Ezio is a complete joy (except for the occasional free running fail, but that is probably more my fault then his). Outside of my agonizing search coming up for all the feathers, this is a platinum trophy that is well within reach.

  13. @Larcenous: There are plenty of interactive sites with maps for all of the feathers already, if you are so inclined. I already beat the story and am sitting at 960 GS. I just need to find all the feathers in Venice to unlock the Auditore cape, wear it in every city and then I should be done with a full 1000/1000.

  14. @Cami – yay Arkham!

    @N8R – going through and solving the riddles as you go really adds to the game imo. On top of that, I don't think you can get a better voice cast together for a game, especially when it comes to the random Arkham PA annoucements that Joker and Harley make.

  15. @Nightshade – I am quite thankful for the internet, though I am happy that between my wife and I, we were able to decode all 20 of the haxxor memories. Some of the code ones were pretty crazy.

    I think I have 6 trophies left to get: 3 story ones, all the feathers, the Auditore cape, and the Medicene Man one (where you poison someone and then air assassinate).

    I also have all the assassination mission done everywhere but Venice, as well as all the treasures found everywhere but Venice as well. They did an excellent job with collectables all through the game.

  16. I agree. I got 19 of the 20 codes without the help of the internet. When they asked me to traslate ancient Sumarian, I kinda threw up may hands and said, "Nope."

  17. @N8R – whew, thought i was going to have to bring the hurt lol

    @LarcenousLaugh – yay batman! i couldn't get enough of arkham asylum lol. i have batman pajama pants i wear while playing it haha. couldn't get enough of mark hamil, he made me laugh thru the entire game.

  18. @Cami – batman pj pants ftw! The best I have are 2 joker shirts and 2 bat symbol shirts (one old school adam west b-man, and the other new Nolanverse). The batarang from the CE this year is on my desk at work.

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