Housekeeping: What Time Zone do You Live In?

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So I’ve been keeping strange sleeping patterns the last few weeks and they appear to be helping site traffic, but I wanted to double check and make sure it’s worth the effort, so kindly take this poll.

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33 thoughts on “Housekeeping: What Time Zone do You Live In?”

  1. Depends on the time of year. See, in the AZ, they don't celebrate good old "Daylight Savings Time." So this time of year I'm in Mountain, but in the summer I'm in Pacific. We actually have our our timezone called (wait for it) "Arizona." Thus, I responded with "other" in the poll.

  2. Central Time

    Houston and Nacogdoches, Texas.

    @Smartguy: You know, the ONLY reason I know that "NOLA" means "New Orleans, Louisiana" is because I happen to go to college in East Texas with a bunch of people from New Orleans….

  3. Cool. My vote just put Eastern ahead of the pack.

    Redd75 is comin' to you live from sunny, fun-filled central IN…wait, did I say sunny and fun? I meant cold, crappy and boring.

  4. I was born and raised in the EST but I now reside in the PST. I also think the S in both of the names is a little redundant. Standard to what?

    "Yeah, we all go by this time, but Johnny down the street sets his clock 15 minutes fast because he thinks it will help him be more on time."

    DST is half obsolete. It was the brainchild of Ben Franklin for the economic use of candles in a farmland atmosphere. Now, the energy crisis helps keep it around but 10 years ago you could of called it obsolete. Yhe only reason I'd see for it is so kids getting to school in the morning don't have to do it in the dark. BUT… that whole system is due for an overhaul as well.

  5. I forget who I was trying to get in touch with, but they didn't adjust their hours to whatever cycle we were currently in. Then I noticed the S instead of the D in their posted hours. I looked it up. It's a sad thing to know I'm afraid.

  6. Denver/Mountain

    @Nightshade- I think every state should get rid of daylight savings. it's so irrelevant in today's age and the spring just pisses me off

  7. Central time: Southaven, Mississippi. But it's 5 min from the Memphis, TN border so I just say that most of the time instead. The slum of the US!

  8. It must be the holidays. All of my credit card limits increased this month for some strange reason.. lol.

  9. eastern time zone just outside of Indy.

    @shockwave562 same here, it's tempting how they increase like this.

  10. @shockwave562 ditto, I start thinking about all the games I've passed up for a while and it seems so easy to just get them now and think about really paying for them later. damn you Discover card!!!

  11. @Shockwave: My wife works in a call center that services the whole country. So when daylight savings comes around, her hours change because everyone else in the country's hour's change. It's absurd that for half the year she's gotta get up at some unreasonable hour, and for the other half of the year she doesn't get home until after me.

  12. @nightshade- props to her, I don't think I could do it. If ever I voted on anything getting rid of daylight savings would be it

  13. @Smartguy – Lol eww is right! But i don't claim here, b/c I don't plan on staying lol. I was raised in MO tho.

  14. @N8R I thought DST was proven to be completely ineffective since the rise of air conditioning. I remember reading excerpts from a study, but I can't remember it.

  15. @ R Pad

    AC huh? That's interesting.

    Either way, it pretty much is ineffective. But the original source is Ben Franklin.

  16. @N8R Yeah, the study said something that the additional hour of daylight had people using more air conditioning, which negated any power savings from using less electricity for light.

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