Crisis Core’s Zack Fair Will be in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Zack Fair

Fans of Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII will be thrilled to know that Zack Fair will be in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Andriasang posted some details:

In Birth by Sleep, he will appear in Olympic Colosseum as a lone soldier. He’s undergoing training in order to max out his strength.

Screenshots show Zack in a faceoff with main character Tera in an Olympic Colosseum tournament. In contrast, Zack appears to be on good terms with main character Ventus.

I love it! As many of you know, Crisis Core was my favorite game of 2008. Zack’s prequel adventure was brilliant and he’s one of my favorite videogame protagonists in years. I was already geeked out for Birth by Sleep. Zack’s inclusion takes my geekdom to a new level.


Author: RPadTV