Phoenix Wright Heading to iPhone

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Capcom Japan announced the development of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for iPhone. Capcom Mobile (Los Angeles) will hopefully be bringing the game to North America. Here’s a blurb from Capcom’s blog:

Capcom Japan just announced the development of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for the iPhone and though details are scarce (there is no release date yet, for example), our stateside Capcom Mobile branch in LA is looking into how to bring it over for North American fans.

The game will be using iPhone specific controls and is sure to guarantee strange looks from people when you use your iPhone in public to point and yell “OBJECTION!”

I’m a big fan of this series and would absolutely buy it for my (unactivated so I don’t have to deal with AT&T’s garbage) iPhone. How about you?


Author: RPadTV

6 thoughts on “Phoenix Wright Heading to iPhone”

  1. these games have seemed interesting, and since I currently do not have a DS I might have to pick this up when it comes out. There are a couple games I am waiting for actually from the app store.

    @rpad you have an unactivated iphone, I'm assuming you had it activated at one point, was the service really that bad to make you turn it off? And do you find it annoying to not be able to access things like safari, email, or certain apps/app store when you are away from wifi?

    i love my 32gb itouch, and it just makes me want the iphone now, but I really want it on verizon's network (im keeping my fingers crossed) because I really dont want to change networks.

  2. @bsukenyan It was never activated. AT&T is overpriced and the service is poor in San Francisco/Los Angeles. I have a BlackBerry 8900 as my real phone. The browser sucks, but it's great for email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Since I travel internationally fairly often, the UMA feature is brilliant.

  3. my actual phone is the LG voyager through Verizon, and I love their network, also it is convenient because about 90% of my phone's contact list is also Verizon, so it is cheap and cost efficient. However, I do not get any internet access at all, and even if I did the capabilities are horrible on that phone.

    I do not get wifi at my parents house, or traveling anywhere. I get it at school (ranked #1 wifi network on any college campus) and all over my apartment. But I constantly find myself wanting to use capabilities that require wifi or a network to use and get frustrated that I am unable to.

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