Coffee Talk #40: Your Favorite Videogame Villains

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I was chatting with some industry friends about videogame villains when I realized that I don’t have a favorite one. That just seems odd to me. I can spout off dozens of comic-book baddies I love. The same goes for movies and television shows. But for some reason, I don’t have a favorite videogame villain.

M Bison

There are certainly no shortage of bad guys to choose from in games. Whether you like cerebral assassins, evil dictators, comedically ineffectual turtle overlords, or guys that just want to blow crap up, gaming has it all. Maybe it has something to do with how I don’t like playing games as an evil character; perhaps the interactive experience makes me actively dislike videogame villains? *shrug*

Perhaps you can help me out. I want to know who your favorite videogame villains are. Maybe your great selections will help jog my memory so that I can pick one baddie to rule them all.

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  1. I really liked Saren and Darth Malak…go figure. Saren was that evil guy that thought he was doing the right thing and Malak was the lackey who finally got to be in charge and had to "out do" his predecessor..

  2. sephiroth, lazaravich, n. cortex, albert wesker, and xemnas. i have a lot of favorite video game villains but those are my top 5

  3. #rbee90 Until Advent Children and Crisis Core, I thought Sephiroth was a crap villain. It wasn't until his backstory was fleshed out that he became a reasonable maniac to me.

  4. @rpad

    i know, it was advent children that convinced me that sephiroth is the real deal in the FF7 series. and when i thought of xemnas, i kinda miss kingdom hearts 1 and 2 :(

  5. @RRODisHere I've always wanted a pet Ocelot. After MGS came out, I wanted one even more. I would put it on a spinning toy and revolve it until it clawed my eyes out.

  6. I still remember, in Ocarina of Time, seeing Gannon for the first time ride up on that horse and he looks down at you and then ride off. Epic.

  7. @RRoD: I realize Mario's the mascot, but the Zelda games are always what eventually sell me on a new Nintendo system, no matter how much I deride it and say I'll never buy it. Frankly, Twilight Princess coming out on both the Wii and GC saved me from having to buy the Wii, and nothing since then has appealed to me enough to even consider buying one. But when the next Zelda game comes out I'll probably end up giving in.

  8. @Nightshade

    I still love Zelda as well and played the GameCube version. However, there is a Wii in my house but I bought it for my son. I will buy the next Zelda game for me. I only have one problem with Zelda though, and that's the fact that the characters still don't talk. I hate having to read text in story driven games in this day and age. I really wish they would add dialogue.

  9. @RRODisHere – haha funny you should mention that, my husband is replaying OoT while we wait on our ps3. Phantom Gannon riding out of the picture frames always make me laugh when you hit him and he goes in reverse lol.

  10. @Camikitten

    Where is your PS3, is it being repaired? Also, I didn't realize you were a woman. I'm intrigued by female gamers because I know they exist but I don't know of any. My wife only likes Rock Band.

  11. Obvoious Reply: The Joker… duh.

    Thoughtful reply: There are a couple that I am fond of:

    1) Golbez – FFIV – He was classic evil villain; cold, calculating, kidnapped folks and may you do his bidding for him. And then they pussied out and made him Cecil's brother and under the mind controlled bidding of some blob from space. F-U Zeromus!

    2) Kefka – FFVI – Positives: Laughing Clown, psycopath in the truest sense, just wanted to watch the world burn. Negatives: Stabbed Emperor Gesthal in the back (honestly, that guys sprite looked like a hound dog, and you just don't do that to a hound dog). There wasn't a lot of sublety to Kefka, and I think that was one of the reasons he worked so well.

    3) Shadow Link – Ocarina of Time – CMON!!!! *Chucks controller across room* THERE"S NO F-N WAY HE HIT ME!

    4) Ultros – FFVI – Comic Relief gold! Until you meet him for the last time and he summons an Air Slug that continuouly whoops your ass. Wasn't expecting that.

    Those are the first four that come to mind.

  12. Golbez was a good one.

    Revolver Ocelot has to be the top though. "the 45 colt is the perfect gun. It has six shots, enough to kill anything that moves". And "no sir. Nobody knows about you…..Mr President". Epic.

    I'd like to give a good mention for TenPenny from GTA:SA. He was awesome.

    Honorable mentions:

    1. The three Prime Evils

    2. The Lich King

  13. @Ray

    we drink coffee all day in NOLA. In fact it's expected to be brewed and drank up whenever anyone is chatting.


    I really like Banana's Foster and Southern Pecan. Also Community with Chickory.

    I drink my coffee black, and these are the three that I prefer. Don't know if there is a pjs near you or if you can order from their site. Regardless you have my email if you feel adventurous.

  15. According to the site, none around CA. However there are at least 2 Starbucks on every corner.

    I can think of one local intersection that has 5 of them… that's overkill.

  16. Haha, everyone I know goes to PJs. In my general area you have to go out of your way to get Starbucks.

  17. Banana's Foster is great. Hard to find outside of southeast La. Ever try bread pudding sufflate'? That is the signature dessert at Commander's Palace. You must order it before your entree. Takes almost an hour to prepare.

  18. So everybody knows Pacquiao and Floyd Money agreed to fight in March right? Just wanted everyone to know how epic this will be.

  19. @Smartguy

    I like bread pudding sufflate' too, but I hate raisins so the ones with raisin I end up pulling the raisin out.

  20. And on Topic I don't know why but I always love the villains from the ratchet and clank games. Dr. Nefarious probably has to be my favorite. I would have to say besides that I like Big Blag from Battletoads vs. Double Dragons.

  21. @N8R Thanksgiving Coffee Company was my big discovery this year. Byron's Maracaturra is fantastic.…

    @Arguello Mayweather agreed in principle. Pacquiao has not. No deal has been signed yet. I don't know if this fight will happen in March. Manny has a broken eardrum from the Cotto fight and might need more time to heal. Plus, his election is in May.

    @Smartguy I think Mayweather is a piece of sh*t person, but you're probably right. I don't see how Pacquiao can win that fight, but I'd love to be wrong.

  22. Here's the real question though.

    Do you think Money will retire if he beats Pacquiao? I mean hes the only one I really see being able to end Money's streak. I think he might just so he can stay undefeated. However I would much rather have him lose if it means he will continue fighting.

  23. @Rpad

    Well the Sportscenter is full of doo-doo heads(excuse the language), They just said Pacquiao agreed to the fight. And that Money agreed to it a few days ago.

  24. I'mma have to go with:


    Screaming Mantis


    Big Daddy

    Dr. Robotnik

    Reliable Excavation Demolition (Team Fortress 2)


    Chaos Marines/Knights (Dawn Of War and a dozen other Warhammer Fantasy/40k games)


  25. Money stopped fighting because well, nobody could handle him. I think he will retire after the fight unless he loses.


    i'm not to high on Floyd personally either. Manny is no angel either probably. I try to look at it as two great fighters putting on the last great fight the sport will see. I think Mayweather wins though. His technical skills and speed are hard for someone to overcome. If Manny can frustrate him and make Floyd be more aggressive, Pacquiao easily can knock him out.

  26. Fontaine from Bioshock is one in recent memory that I liked. Also, Pious Augustus from Eternal Darkness. The little Spanish guy that dressed like Napoleon from RE4 was also pretty entertaining.


  27. @Smartguy – lol you just realized im a woman? :P Yeah we do exit. I think I saw some study somewhere all the women hide out in mmo's and other pc games. I also do table top gaming from time to time (cept heroclix, that was a little boring). My ps3 shipping box just came in today, but it's not going anywhere til I back up the data first. ^^

    As for my villans… Dracula, Richter when he was being mind controlled in SoTN, Goldbez, Absolute Virtue, Gannon, Ridley… gah can't think at the end of a work day to well lol.

  28. @Arguello I think Mosley has a shot — a much better chance than Pacquiao really — but he's 38 and losing his game every day. Paul Williams can still make 147 (he claims) and would present all kinds of problems for Mayweather simply because of his height and reach.

    @Smartguy I think it's pretty clear that Pacquiao is just a flat-out better person that Mayweather. The things he does for Filipino around the world makes Mayweather's charitable efforts look silly. Mayweather is also an idiot and a braggart. I don't mind stupid people. I don't mind loud people. But putting them together? It's such an annoying mix.

    I love how Mayweather brags about being a brilliant businessman. That's crap. He has a brilliant manager in Al Haymon, but his own business endeavors? Philthy Rich records? Ha! Mayweather Promotions? That's such a farce. It's funny that you can run a boxing promotion without a promoter's license.

    As for nobody being able to handle him. That's crap. Mayweather has not challenged with best since leaving 135.

  29. Also @ villians talk… even though he's not my fav, I think Douglas Shetland (i think), was a pretty annoying fight in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. I think….now I'm gonna have to replay that.

  30. @Cami



    I don't mind a trash talker. I expect it in a fighter. You, me, anyone can crap all over him, but his record is what it is.

    I actually like Manny a little less now that he is getting into politics. Just a principle thing.

  31. It's been a while since i've posted, a little busy at work.

    Villains huh??


    Dr. Wiley

    Revolver Ocelot

    @Rpad do you think if Manny wins against Mayweather that he will retire?? i mean he is planning to run for a political office in April or May 2010, right??

  32. @RROD – figured that out already thx :P But I'm doing this and trying to work at the same time haha. So I cut/paste wrong name lol….*sigh*

  33. @Smartguy Records are overrated. Who has he fought above 135? He absolutely hasn't challenged the best since leaving lightweight.

    @tokz_21 I think 2010 is his last year of fighting, win, lose, or draw. The election is in May.

  34. @Smartguy – you did not just go there!

    I really hate this state lol.

    What's sad is that my husband and I are prolly only a few who still have all there teeth in this state lol.

  35. I have to admit that I'm scared of the middle of the country. I grew up in New York and have lived in California since 2000. I'm scared that they shoot or lynch Asians in Middle America. That doesn't happen though, right?

  36. @Ray

    I will give you that. His fights over 135 haven't been as tough. He was undefeated before he left though. In any professional sport having a perfect record means something. I never liked Holyfield at all, but I can't deny his skills. His Foreman fights were pure garbage.

  37. @R-Pad

    That funny, I always assumed that was what the East and West were like. So long as you don't go around telling people how they should live, you'll be fine down here in the south. Well, that and dressing like rich guy. That will get you mugged here in Memphis.

  38. @Smartguy Records in boxing can be easily manipulated. Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. hasn't lost a fight in 42 outings, but it's easy to see that's a mediocre pug.

    @Sandrock323 I assumed that proclaiming my love for Jerry Lawler would get my out of any problems in Memphis.

  39. @R-Pad

    Scratch that, my mind jumped to Jerry Springer. Lawler is cool, but he'll never get elected because he isn't the right……. Any way, just don't move to Memphis. it is a good tourist town, but there few people in this town who are glad they moved here.

  40. @Sandrock That ruins my image of Memphis. I thought everyone loved Jerry "The King" Lawler down there. I was impressed and envious that a pro-wrestler could be one of the most prominent figures in a city. That dream has been shattered!

  41. He has been running for mayor for years. (since I was in elementary school) Everyone would rather elect someone like Ford (who is never going to stay out of court) than someone who would actually take the title seriously. I've meet Lawler a few times around town, and he really is a great guy.

  42. Glad to know we have some of My Gulf-State peeps in here, Now I won't feel bad posting a "Who Dat?" every once and a while.


    Did you run into Goldust??::snickers::

  43. I love Memphis. As a musician/history buff… that place just oozes culture on me.

    Next time I go there, I have to get one of those cheeseburgers that are cooked in the 100 year old grease. I forget the name of it now… but when I'm on my way I'll find it.

    Is it Dyers? I'm not sure.

  44. @Ray

    Good point about Jr. That guy is a joke. I would like to say that there is a stark difference between Mayweather and Jr. though. Mayweather can actually fight.

  45. @Mr. Padilla;

    If you lived in the Deep South, you'd love it. I guarantee you of that. The thing you have to remember about Southerners is that once you earn their respect and trust, you become part of the family, no matter where you are from.

    The people look out for you and one another. Everybody in the neighborhood knows you and you know them. They will make you the most delicious southern-fried cornbread and gravy chicken you've ever had and they will babysit your kids when you have to go somewhere. They will help you out after a disaster and will shoot anybody that tries to break into your home with a shotgun or hunting rifle. Once they warm up to you and accept you, Southerners are the greatest, nicest, passionate, most charitable people you will ever meet in your life. This is something I know firsthand.


  46. @Iceman As a New Yorker, niceness scares me a little. When I first moved to San Francisco, I was alarmed by everyone's polite attitude. Ha!

    @Smartguy Certainly there's a huge talent gap between Mayweather and Chavez. I was just illustrating that a perfect record isn't the end all, be all of a fighter. Pacquiao has three losses. Two were when he was a malnourished teenager. His loss against Morales was before he developed into a more complete fighter.

  47. One of the things I first noticed about moving from Pittsburgh to CA is that when your car breaks down in Pittsburgh, the first person behind you is the person that stops to help. If more help is needed, the person after that stops.

    In CA… you'll see an 80 year old woman trying to push her car uphill and the people behind her honking their horns yelling "Hurry it up grandma!".

    I know none of my neighbors… and knew all of them in PA.

  48. @Iceman

    But it stops at Memphis's city limit……


    I've heard of the place, but I don't go out to eat a hamburger so i don't remember the name right away.

  49. Maybe one day I can have a E3 Ray-B-Q for all y'all. Ha! I used to have videogame peeps over for BBQs all the time. My hamburger recipe is pretty good — onion soup mix, beer, and cooked bacon mixed into the ground beef.

  50. Not that I'm coming to the conversation late or anything (riiight) but I think Wario is one of the best villains that actually has his own game.

    As far as villains I would like to play as but will never get the chance to, Dr. Willy from Mega Man II, Bowser in Super Mario 64, and Giovanni from Pokemon Red/Blue.

  51. Well, The Galleria is the 7th largest mall in the USA, so I guess that's something. Really tho you were like right smack in the middle of the part of town where the highest concentration of interesting stuff is(at least to someone who lives there) and you ended up in the mall of all places :P

  52. Come visit Houston. We’ve constantly got so many visitors from around the world that we’ve stocked up and now have enough apathy for everyone. :P

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