Coffee Talk #36: Are You Evil?

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I hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving. Now that many of you are full of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, let’s talk about something important: being evil. Nah, I’m not talking about going on a random acts of cruelty spree. I’m talking about being evil in games.

Fable II evil

As I started my fourth play through of Dragon Age: Origins during Thanksgiving break, I noticed that I was either totally or mostly good in my three previous runs. Looking back at my history of BioWare and Lionhead games, I almost always play as the good guy — even when I play the game multiple times. The one exception was Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, simply because some of the Sith powers were too cool to ignore.

For me, gaming as the bad guy isn’t fun. I don’t fantasize about being the villain. I want to be the hero! Furthermore, I feel guilty about evil choices I make in RPGs. Sometimes I’ll pick a nefarious dialogue branch just to see what happens, but if the consequences are too severe, I’ll go back and reload my game out of guilt.

I wanted to see how you guys play games where you have a choice between being good or evil. Do you usually take the angelic route like me? Or do you enjoy being a devilish character?

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  1. I still haven't played evil in KOTOR. Force lightning is cool and all, but I'd rather glitch the game to get it than actually play the game evil. Besides, everyone knows good is always 10 lvls higher than evil by the end of the game anyway.

  2. R Pad's a softy!!!

    In wrestling games… I always go heel when I can. Fable… mean menacing horns that started as me being the kid who kicked the chickens. Fallout 3…. WAY more fun on Bad Karma (buh-bye Megaton, I hope the kids blew up first as I enjoy mt palatial penthouse atop Tenpenny Tower).

    All your base are belong to me.

    Side notes:

    1) My Mac experienced it's first kernel panic last night and my heart skipped pace out of shear fear. After some research, it turns out that all is ok.

    2) Robin Williams was on Jimmy Fallon the other night talking about how he play COD and named his daughter Zelda…. that's f'n awesome.

    3) Although the Steelers lost to the Ratbirds, I'm amazingly proud to say we have Dennis Dixon on our squad. I like the guy, I do.

    4) @Thundercracker

    Do not let Iceman forget about the crow he's eating. You deserve to rub that one in.

  3. In Fallout 3 I played as the good guy, but I would save just before I got a trophy for being good at a certain level and go be evil and level up to get the trophy for evil and neutral. I always revert back to my previous save though. Also I just had to see what happened when you blow up Megaton. Also If someone makes me angry I'll shoot them in the head and slaughter an entire town but again go back to my save. Stood at the top of Magaton with the MIRV just to see what it would do.

    In inFAMOUS I played through on Good then Evil, I think I enjoyed Evil more, killing the annoying citizens and executing bad guys, plus the explosive powers were awesome.

  4. Oh yeah… and in The Sims 3, I created a glass room to trap the female Sims in. It had a toilet and a fireplace (so they would occasionally burn.

    On the one side of the human aquarium, I'd put a big screen TV. On the other side, a chair I could sit in and watch them starve, pass out, and burn. My fun meter went up the whole time.


  5. I rented Assassins Creed 2 this weekend (no free days our store was open). I am glad I only rented it. I my opinion it has one of the worst storylines ever. I cannot stand having to sit through horrible voice acting and bad dialogue. It still amazes me that developers force people to still through that crap. Also the money system is WAY unbalanced. I just got to Venice when I turned it off and I have already upgraded my Villa so I make 12000 every 20 minutes. Now money means nothing which makes finding treasure seem pointless. It is still fun to run down a pickpocket.

    Also why can't he jump at an angle. If you are near a wall he run up it rather than jump away from it getting off of balconies is a pain without just dropping down.

    Overall I hate he game, the only fun part is the running around the roof tops and fighting guards, but even that gets old fast.

  6. Gah I always play good first time around. Then evil the second.

    @SlickyFats – Blowing up Megaton was hilarious. Of course tho, like an idiot I stood around the remains for awhile hahaha.

    Anyone watch Colts and Texans? I mean, I knew who was gonna win, but I think my husband's heart skipped a beat in the 4th. He kept shouting at the tv while I was playing Chrono Trigger on my DS. Had to grab my freaking headphones lol.

  7. I can't really play evil all that much. I played a Renegade in Mass Effect just to see what the scenes were like, but there were some choices I just couldn't bring myself to make.

    I played through the game with 4 different characters, and all 4 times I spared the Rachni Queen.

  8. I also can't bring myself to free the little sisters in Bioshock. I have to harvest them. I just don't feel right until they're black maggots squirming in my hand.

  9. in games with a morailty system I try to put myself in the situation and decide what would "I" do on the first playthrough. Thus I tend to play more good than evil, but I'll occasionally do dickish things despite being a good guy. If a game is good enough to warrant multiple playthoughs, I'll eventually play it fully good and fully evil.

  10. I find that in games like GTA and Saints Row where there is no rating for good and evil, I am pure evil killing everything I can just to do it.

    How come you can kill just about anyone in Fallout 3, but not the kids? Is that too far?

  11. @ Nightshade

    In the court system, one definition of "legally insane" is not being able to separate fantasy from reality. If I actually felt bad about it… I'd be scared for my sanity. I'm not calling you or anyone crazy or anything, that's just how I feel about it.

    In reality, I'm a softy myself (I actually enjoy a few romantic comedies as well as other philanthropic endeavors). But in the sense of a virtual life counterpart, I want to stretch as far away from my true identity as possible. Hence… kill the girls and give me my atom.

    I don't think war is a reasonable answer for anything, yet I play shooters as well.

  12. @ Slicky

    I think you could at first, but then they patched it. I'm not sure though since I came to that game late.

    If you could, rest assured that Little Lamplight would be a ghost town in my game.

  13. I find that I try to play a game as the good guy for a bit of a challenge on the first run, but I've got to admit being the bad guy can be a lot of fun too.

    I've found that while you may gain more XP from being good you can gain a lot more money being straight evil.

    Personally I like how most the decisions in Dragon Age aren't straight evil or benevolent. Sometimes it's hard to tell what the right thing to do is and other times there is a tough decision to make no matter what is right.

    I'd like to see more gray areas in games. Life is always gray and I don't think in the real world has such polar opposites in most cases. One game I really appreciated for it's moral system was Splinter Cell Double Agent. In that game the decisions were hard but none of them were good/evil. They were all decisions born out of necessity to the mission.

  14. The biggest reason why I play polar opposites on an RPG is because I like to see how the game plays out differently. Mass Effect, Kotor, Fallout and many more games can be very rewarding if you try out both personality types. Unlocking new missions and new story elements is always a bonus for me.

    I'm finding that I'm going to have to play Dragon Age at least 4 or 5 times in order to make all the choices available to me though

  15. @slicky – I haven't played 2 yet but I'm looking forward to buying it. I guess the VO complaint surprises me since I thought that in the first game the story and VO were some of the better parts in the game. All I wanted out of 2 was a deeper mission structure and gameplay. How did you feel about the original?

    also @Slicky – my girlfriend hits me every time I kill an innocent in GTA4, especially when I execute someone who's down. she likes that game a lot but she avoids all civilian casualties if possible. makes me wonder if I really am evil, I feel no attachment to polygon people.

  16. ok so all these posts in a row should get me a magnet finally. lol. but @18 I was referring to Assasin's Creed. sorry

  17. @Chick Magnet: There should be a pic coming for mine sometime this week.

    @N8R: I can easily separate fantasy from reality. I just had no desire to kill little girls. That being said, if you played it good they "rewarded" you by dropping of packages of ADAM anyway, so it was kinda moot.

  18. @ Nightshade

    Actually, I just recently got it on my Mac and am in my first run through ever (I came around late). I don't mind the spoiler though, it's not that big of a deal. To be honest, I just decided to trust the guy on the radio first before the lady who seemed out of her gourde when first presented with the option. I don't see them as little girls either, I see them as polygons.

    I truly did not mean to imply that you couldn't separate the difference and I apologize if it came across that way. I was mainly talking about my personal view on my personal stance. Some people use liquor to escape their reality (I don't drink for personal reasons… mainly real dead people I've known and loved) so I use video games as a catharsis.

  19. i usually opt for the good side, i cant really think of a game where ive gone bad. I usually feel that games have a better developed good guy story. I dont really play a whole lot of games with this choice, but thats the feel i get from some games of that style.

  20. @Shockwave

    I haven't played the first Assassins Creed in a while, but I remember liking it enough to own it and playing on my PS3 and owning it and loaning it out on my 360. I can't recall much about the first one I didn't like, but maybe because at the time it was new and I was okay with some flaws, the second feels like it should have fixed more stuff than it did.The missions aren't any deeper than run to point A then kill target A then escape point A, then if you wish occasionally you'll have target B at point B. The Assassinations seem far less difficult also, its generally you walking through the front door, turn on eagle vision, kill target and leave. I like the weapon buying system but I can't tell the difference from blade to blade, since it is always counter and kill in 1 hit anyway. Maybe I am just picking at the game but I had some fun with it but i will only buy it when the price drops.

  21. @rrod – lots of much needed wins this week. except for N8R. I don't think you expected a win did you? I will say though the Steelers put up a pretty good fright even with Dixon at the helm. Great game to watch.

    Also that loss puts the Broncos in a very comfortable position for the wild card race

  22. @Topic – I am the quintessential "good" player. I really don't do well with the evil path at all. I don't mind having to dole out justice with the sharp end of a sword or business end of a gun, but it has to be justice, otherwise it just doesn't feel right.

  23. @RROD – I actually preferred the good powers going through inFamous. I loved the recharge factor of the main lightning bolt, and while I would lose some juice on the back end as far as damage goes, being able to lay into an enemy with the larger lightning balls and then suck the electricity back out of him to recharge was great.

    As far as destruction goes though, the Larger rocket shots followed closely by the smaller lightning bombs with the upgraded evil was way to much fun to mow down enemies with.

  24. @ RROD

    Thank you for joining me on the darkside. I was getting lonely.

    @ Shockwave

    No, I didn't expect it. I also didn't expect Dixon to pull it off as much as he did though either.

    All of our loses have been really close. I can't just blame the D either for not closing deals. The last 2 were in OT. It's the "any given Sunday" thing kicking us in the tail. We still have a chance though, and we've been 6th seat before and still pulled it off on the road throughout the playoffs before though.

    I fear the Colts and the Pats in the playoffs, but more than likely the team I don't expect will hand it to us.

  25. @Lacenous

    Maybe I should have clarified. The Dialogue within the Animus is fine, except why is some English and some not?

    It was the dialogue with all of the people outside of the animus. It seemed very fake and forced.

    I don't know why but I just never felt connected to any of the characters. Especially when the main character rushes to a spot only sit back and watch people get killed then after enough people have been brutally slain he'll step in. The story felt very thrown together.

    Maybe I still have Uncharted 2 on the brain but I just felt like AC2 didn't measure up in graphics, story, and vo.

    I am not saying not to try AC2 but for real publishers let me skip your cut scenes.

  26. Woot, MNF is finally upon us!!

    Crewe de'Drew > Pats

    I played good in Fable2. Simply because I thought the good dog looked better. I chose the love ending though, so take that as good or evil.

    Mostly I play evil though. I'm a nice guy in real life, but I'd rather not be in polygon land. My obsession with evil in games started with DaggerFall. It was so fun to beat down a door then steal and kill whoever might be inside. KoToR was easy on evil. Especially te last boss fight. He wasn't the only one killing the people in the tubes.

  27. @ Slicky

    Didn't they say at one point that the translation software in the animus was iffy? I can't recall. Anyway, it does remind me of mobster movies the way they talk in broken Italian and English. I had the subtitles on throughout and they had the translation as well as the Italian written in them.

    Did you notice that when you first met your uncle he said "It's-a me… Mario."?

  28. @Smartguy – I'm excited about the game tonight. Although I've already won this weeks football pool 14-1. I never would have guessed Buffalo would beat Miami.

    At any rate I did pick the Pats tonight. I think if anyone can top a struggling defense it's Tom Brady. good luck to your Saints though.

  29. @Slicky – I am probably one of the few that would have loved for all the dialogue in the Animus to have been faithfully reproduced using the language of origin in that timeline. I have no problem keeping up with subtitles (most of the time I have them on anyway, because sound for VO can be kind of wonky in some games).

    Maybe I am very forgiving when it comes to dialogue, but I didn't have a problem with it outside of the Animus, and I thought it was a big improvement over AC1, especially with the addition of the snarky english researcher on the squad. Plus, you can add Nolan North to anything after the work he did on Uncharted (He's Desmond's VO actor).

    With the connection of characters, I think I may just be easily enteratined, because I have heard a few others give that same criticsm. I had no problem jumping right back into the story from AC1, and I find a lot more human connections with Ezio then I did with Altair. Especially with the learning as Ezio learns, rather then simply having to earn back what you already know with Altair.

    Uncharted 2 was a different beast altogether. I refuse to compare the two, as both have provided hours of enjoyment for me. They have both achieved the purpose for which they were bought, and for that, I thank them :)

  30. @N8R

    The Mario part cracked me up as well as the Animues or Animii

    I don't remember them saying about the translation in this one but I think I remember them mentioning it in 1

  31. @N8R – I almost passed out from laughter when you uncle introduced himself that way.

    I can't remember if they mentioned the translation issue within the framework itself, but it just comes down to suspension of disbelief, if I can buy the rest of the storyline within the framework of the game, then I can deal with them all speaking my language.

  32. @ Slicky

    I believe it would be Animi and now that we're talking about it here, I remember a similar conversation I had the most of you (if not all of you) about the word penis.

    Now… that part cracks me up.

  33. @Lacrenous

    Really the snarky english guy was my biggest gripe. The entire scene where you are introduced to the crew was just awful, each interaction was pathetic and added nothing to the game or really even the story. The geek girl says get started whenever you are ready. I was ready but the game felt I needed to go interact with 3 people before hand and make me walk at that slow laborious pace while doing so. I just don't feel like the game was very fun until about the time you begin with Villa. My younger brother played through to just before Venice also and that was all he could handle before turning it off.

    On a side note why is the Blonde chick's mouth SO big???

  34. Typically when I start a game I play good. I beat the game and if there is a Neutral play through I do that. Save the best for last I always say lol…

  35. @N8R

    Wow I must have been absent that day, because I don't recall anyone ever mentioning penii or penises. BTW the dictionary has it as penises or penis'

  36. @N8R

    hmm. IMDB has Kristen Bell listed for Assassin's Creed 1 but not 2. But I guess the mouth makes sense now thanks

  37. @ Slicky

    Penis' is definitely the possessive as in "my penis' will of it's own". As for the plural, my dictionary says peni or pene. Spell check will only accept penises though.

    As I said on that other day though, I rarely ever had to refer to penis in the plural before because I am indeed a married hetero.

  38. @Slicky – I agree with the walking part, a forced slowness is not really needed. I didn't mind the talking to the three people though. In fact, I found myself looking over the entire lab, as it was so important to do just that in the first one before settling back into the animus. I wanted to know what they had to say, as it could easliy contain extra clues towards motivations (everything in a conspiracy laced story is motivation based) as well as a little bit of fleshing out to the game world. As a person, I would probably want to know a bit more of the people around me as well, seeing as they are going to be looking over my vulnerable body while I do their dirty work.

    She's canadian..?

  39. @Multiple Peni – if there are more there then just yours, you didn't explain what you meant my multiple partners clearly enough.

  40. I always play as the good guy. Usually, it's because I want to see the "good" ending. Other times, it's because I've been brainwashed by society.

    I try to play the game again as the bad guy, but my attention span is so short that I oftentimes just


  41. @ Iceman

    Your team is the only one I can laugh at today that failed worse than my own… that said…



  42. @RROD – Cooler, absolutely. More useful in combat situations, debatable. I for one have always been a "power hoarder" as it were, opting for power regenaration over enormous death-dealing power. It's probably a silly distinction with constantly recharging power batteries all over the city (including blasting the caps off of air vents and charging off of your own electricity in lower power districts) but it's the path I prefered.

  43. @N8R – if I felt the Dolphins were owed any respect, I would tell you to shove your laughter. But they aren't, so I won't, and that makes me sad.

  44. @ Larcenous

    To be honest, I like the Fins because I like Marino. Marino is from Pittsburgh and even went to Pitt. He even talks with a Yinzer accent still.

    Other cool people that I found out recently are also from da Burgh, Zachary Quinto (Sylar on Heroes and Spock in Star Trek) and Julie Benz (Rita, Dexter's wife).

  45. @N8R

    My Webster's New World College Dictionary Fourth Edition says

    "pe-nis (pe'nis) n., pl. -nises or -nes' (-nez') [[L, tail…"

    Penes seems odd, but so does this conversation.

    I had it mis-typed earlier, you were right that was the possessive of penis I wrote.

  46. @Slicky – that is weird. but if you go to the article N8R posted about Bell you will see that she was happy to be a returning character.

  47. i play differently in games with karma systems. i would be evil for the first half of the game, then be the good guy when the game ends, it's kinda cool, like a villain turned hero.

  48. @Kristen Bell: I don't usually go for blondes, but in her case I'd make an exception.

    @Slicky: Sorry you're not a fan of AC2. I thought it was great overall. I do agree that the snarky Brit didn't do a lot for me. Made it seem a little too "Buffy" for my tastes. But overall I really liked the game.

  49. @ Nightshade

    That's why I said it's no big deal. I'm actually ashamed I'm so late to it. All I've heard were good things about it, but I'm not one for reviews myself. I'm a "form my own opinion on a risk" kind of guy. The reason for that, is because I find that my opinions are drastically different and diverse from most gamers I talk to. Example: haven't liked a COD since COD2 and I had a great time with Superman Returns.

    I'm an odd dude (in case you haven't noticed). To be honest, I'm getting to the point where I'd rather do Photoshop than play games. I always would rather play music, but I live with people (my wife) who wants me to keep it down and confine me to hours. My parents (both musicians) were way more tolerant when I was growing up living with them.

  50. @shockwave

    Our D isn't struggling. We rested players the last 2-3 weeks. Porter will be out, but everyone else is back in.

    Pats O line is dinged up pretty bad…not good for Manchurian Brady.

    Saints big in this one.

  51. @slicky

    i loved the storyline of AC2. full of mystery. as for the voice acting, i thought italian accents were badass. after playing that game, i want to go to italy now.

  52. @Smartguy – I think either way it's going to be a close one tonight. probably a shoot out

  53. that's what was said about the Eagles (though they were supposed to dominate us) The Giants were supposed to take us to the woodshed….The Fins…The Jets….

    I see the Saints big in this one. (i am biased of course)

    Regardless…I hope for the W.

    Also of note…tonight is my last monday night class of the semester, it's also only 30 minutes for our last meeting. Damn advanced tax accounting! Hopefully, it is the last night class I ever have to take. I FINALLY GET TO WATCH A WHOLE MNF GAME from start to finish!

  54. @ Smartguy

    Let's be honest… the Pats are the toughest team you've had to face all year. The Fins made good news because you lost to them in the (meaningless) preseason. Mostly, your schedule hasn't been ridiculously hard… this is the hardest it's gonna get.

    I'm rooting for the Saints… but I don't know. I hate the Pats with such passion I hope you stomp the hell out of them.

  55. @N8R

    Each of the teams mentioned, minus the Fins, were on rolls coming into the dome or in Philly. Each time those defenses were rated high and the offenses were productive…very productive in the Giants case.

    Don't get me wrong, the Pats are a damn tough team…but I think they are in for a trip to the woodshed tonight. They kept it close with the Colts…a team not as rounded as the Sainst. Running game will be the difference. It has been proven that Brady throws picks when there is pressure. Tonight there will be pressure, and LOTS of noise.

    I just hope the officials call it clean; i.e. they don't have any money on the outcome.

  56. @ Smartguy

    Do you clinch the berth if you win tonight?

    If so, that's pressure on your team. Like I said, F the Pats, I hope the Illuminati shock the hell out of Tom for losing, and I really hope it's a severe one sided game on behalf of the Saints.

  57. @Smartguy: Honestly I'm a Giants fan and they haven't played a good game since that beating in New Orleans. They're 1-5 in their last 6 games, and that was a game they barely won over the Falcons. The O-Line was the best in football the previous 3 or 4 years and is invisible now. Their DT's are getting no push up the middle despite the fact they've got 4 "good" DT's and the DE's are suffering for it. Kenny Phillips going down at Safety has been a disaster for that secondary. Antonio Pierce in the Defense's QB and he is out indefinitely. And they got real fat off of some real weak teams early on. I wish it wasn't true, but the record doesn't lie.

    In an unrelated note, Kenny Phillips is on IR with Patella Femoral Arthritis in his knee and Antonio Pierce has a bulging disc in his neck. I have Patella Femoral in my left knee and can't feel my right arm because of a bulging disc in the C3-C4 gap in my neck. I can't help but think I'm somehow responsible for the Giants injury woes.

  58. @ Smartguy

    Well… judging by the schedules, you pretty much already have. Dallas is your biggest threat after tonight but I don't think that will be much of a problem unless you clinched (for real) by then and pulled key players.

    Atlanta (who's website is much nicer than the Saints') is looking at Philly and you… they should be thinking Wild Card. It may be a stretch, but their chances are the same as the Steelers so I have to have hope for them.

  59. @ Nightshade

    It may take a minute to kick in, but i just changed my gravatar to Jambi from Pee-Wee's playhouse to help reverse the spell.

    "Mecka-lecka hi, mecka-hiney ho."

  60. @Saints – I have to root against them at this juncture just as I rooted against the Pats when NY beat them in the SuperBowl. Shula is running out of deals with the devil to preserve prefection….

  61. @Larcenous

    Perfectly understandable. At this point though I hope a team does a 19-0 season. I can't stand to hear Mercury Morris open his mouth whenever someone gets close.


    Dallas might be difficult. I think Atlanta in Atlanta will be a hard game. Might be the only game they lose this year. Division games are tough.

  62. Honestly, after everything NOLA has been through, I say let them have their year. Perfection or not, I hope they run the table and win it all (assuming my Giants really are as pathetic as they appear to be and all hope is indeed lost for this season).

  63. @ Nightshade

    That's why Pittsburgh got it last year in football and hockey. We've dealt with the Pirates (sigh) for 17 piss poor years now.

    Karma took pity on us.

  64. @N8R: Ironically, my wife's originally from the 'Burgh and is a huge Steelers fan. Luckily our teams play in different conferences and we hate all the same teams (Dallas, Philly, Baltimore). But needless to saywe've had a good past couple of seasons in our household. This year has been like coming back to reality for both of us. :-

  65. @Nightshade – I live in Florida. I haven't seen a ring since '73, which means that I haven't seen one at all since I was born in '82. I have seen fire, rain and hurricanes. No one gets a free pass on Football just cause the government screwed that one up and GWBjr hates black people. Now I'ma let you finish, but Andrew was the hurricane to end all hurricanes!

  66. @ Nightshade

    You missed Cleveland in there but to be honest, I'm to the point that I just pity them. I hope they get good soon actually so we actually can have a good rivalry with them. The Bungles are really starting to piss me off however.

    I'm from Edgewood/Swissvale (7 miles outside of the city) originally and went to Woodland Hills (who are headed for a state championship as we speak). I live in CA now though and really miss the food. However, I have much more opportunities to work out here as a musician (which, I've kinda been slacking on since my dad died in '07). I'm hoping to move back in the next 5 to 10 years if my situation stays similar to what it is. My mom is not getting any younger and she's starting to get senile.

  67. @Larcenous: First off, my Stepfather is a life long Jets fan, which means whether reasonable or not I have a very healthy dislike for the Dolphins. But since you haven't won since '73, it should be noted that NOLA has never even been to the big game. So their misery still trumps yours.

  68. @Nightshade – yeah it does, I was just looking for an excuse to use a Kanye joke.

    @Smarguy – yup. Again, just looking to use a Kanye joke.

  69. @N8R: Actually, I left out NE, whom we both hate. Cleveland isn't on my radar screen. They're just another team to me. However, I have a very healthy dislike of the Ravens going back to '90 (for obvious reasons…..I hold a grudge).

    The ironic thing is that half of my family are Patriots fans. I had to put up with years of smack talk from my uncles and cousins. After the Giants beat them in the Super Bowl, the phone never rang. It was glorious.

  70. @ Nightshade

    The Ratbirds are the REAL Browns. I've hated them since birth. The doctor basically said "It's a boy", wiped me down with a Terrible Towel, and said "Now, yinz parents make sure to raise him to hate Cleveland or else I'll have to let the Rooneys know by law n'at."

    If your wife is a Yinzer, than you know how it gets over there.

    When they moved to Baltimore, our hatred went with them. When they built the new stadium for the new Browns, a guy called one of the radio stations and said he worked on the crew that laid the field. He said he dropped a Terrible Towel in to the cement foundation under the field so that the new Browns would forever be cursed.

    That was a great man.

  71. I did not see the Dolphins play on Sunday. I saw the Rams parading around in Dolphins' uniforms against the Bills. The team I know and love did not show up, apparently, in Buffalo.

    As such, my Gravatar will now sport the “U” to pay tribute to Miami’s more WINNING football program up until they beat whoever they will play in the Peach Bowl, or Cotton Bowl or Toilet Bowl. Unless of course we play an SEC team, in which case we are royally screwed.


  72. @Nightshade – Mike Myers' reaction was completely classic. You could read on his face exactly how uncomfortable he was, and there were certain points where he didn't know whether to laugh or just walk off. Complete professional throughout… if for nothing else, he earned my respect that day.

  73. @Iceman – I yell "THE U!" at the screen everytime Reggie Wayne or another UM players makes a terrific play.

  74. @N8R – speaking of the Ravens, I think it's awesome how they don't acknowledge the Colts, even when they are playing them at home.

  75. @Iceman

    I'm sure The U could give my beloved LSU a good ball game this season. Man we did bad this year.

    Oh well….another year…another SEC team winning the National Title. 4 in a row now.

  76. i will rub nothing in, as my 4 and 7 team has done nothing to warrant someone smack talking on their behalf…we almost looked good yesterday though….strange

  77. @topic

    im a lot like ray, its hard for me to be evil in games, if i play a game as a good guy, i play it good all the way through, then ill play it bad all the way through…its just that i rarely play games twice…i only played fallout once, and i DID blow up megaton, but i donated 6 million dollars to the church or so to make up for it and restore my karma

    i lied to my father about blowing up megaton, said it was someone else

  78. @Slicky – I am going to disagree with the story/VO comments for AC2, but only because I love alternate history/conspiracy storylines. I thought the VO work was also very well done, especially with the integration of italian into the dialogue.

    I like the quests, but I think it’s because I challenge myself with them. I am always looking for the slick solution, the one that requires me to look less like Tom chasing Jerry all over the damn map.

    Overall, I am quite happy that I bought it.

  79. i stayed home from work to watch belichick get his ass kicked….theres nothing i love more than to see a confused, dejected man in a sleeveless hoodie

    your boys are alright, smartguy…lets hope it carries through to the playoffs

    i think itd be awesome if you guys won it all this year

  80. I would very much like that too.

    I can't believe they pulled Brady and just gave up. Amazing. It's like we made them say Uncle.

  81. @ Smartguy

    They needed to start his electro-shock auditing early so he would have time to complete it before the next practice.

    Watch the way he talks in interviews. He's brainwashed.

  82. i agree with n8r in the sense that i believe in 10 or so years, someone will write a book about everything that really went down in new england

  83. I can never be evil in my video games. In Mass Effect if I even got 1 Renegade point I would start over from the last time I saved! I didn't want to lose a chance with Kaiden (so hot)! Also, I just feel rude doing bad things to even virtual digital characters.

    However, the "darkside" has always intrigued me in terms of super villains and comicbook fiction more than video games. If we lived in a Gotham City world, I think I'd be a mercenary going between good and evil with whatever costume suited me that day! One things, for sure, super villains tend to have the BEST outfits!

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