Darkspawn Chronicles Lets You Play Dragon Age as a Baddie

Just in case you’ve been wondering what goes through the mind of a lonely genlock, the Darkspawn Chronicles DLC pack for Dragon Age: Origins lets you experience a brief portion of the game from the darkspawn’s perspective. The DLC will be available on May 18, 2010 for $4.99 on PS3, 400 BioWare Points on PC, and 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360. Here are some highlights from the press release:

  • Imagine a world without heroes, where the greatest among you never became a Grey Warden
  • Play through the Fall of Denerim from the perspective of the darkspawn
  • Complete the module and unlock an epic darkspawn item for use in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Origins — Awakening
  • Use the “Enthrall” ability – recruit any darkspawn you encounter into your party

As a huge Dragon Age nerd, I’m certainly going to play this batch of DLC, but I’m not super excited for it. As I mentioned in Coffee Talk #36, I just don’t enjoy playing as the villain.

Any of you planning to pick up this Dragon Age: Darkspawn Chronicles?

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2 thoughts on “Darkspawn Chronicles Lets You Play Dragon Age as a Baddie”

  1. If i had DA i would get it. Come on, everyone has a little dark side in them.

  2. after beating Awakening a couple of times I've reached a point where I'm happy saying goodbye to Dragon Age. I look forward to a sequel down the road.

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