The British Royal Navy Using PSPs as a Study Tool (Really)

Birth by Sleep PSP back

England’s Royal Navy has started using Sony’s PlayStation Portable as a study tool. No, the seamen aren’t using the portable consoles as submarine simulators. The PSPs will be used to help officers study for exams in a controlled environment. Times Online has reported:

Sailors will be able to use the PlayStation Portable (PSP) to read and listen to coursework and practise on-screen tests in confined quarters.

The consoles, which are bright blue and worth £120 each, may hold the answer to two of the key challenges facing the education world: workplace training and distance learning.

I’m sure there are more effective study aids available, but I’m pleased that a videogame console is being used in a positive way by a prestigious military organization. I’m also pleased that I can use the “I’m studying!!!” defense when I’m tooling around on my PSP. If it’s good enough for the British Royal Navy….


Author: RPadTV