Coffee Talk #37: Console Wars XXVIII — Black Friday

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As expected, it was a huge week for the “big three” console companies. All three did well during Black Friday weekend. Let’s take a look at some of the (American) results.

PS3 vs Xbox 360

  • Nintendo claimed that it sold more than 550,000 Wii systems. Adding in the DS and DSi, the company said that it sold more than 1.5-million pieces of hardware. To steal a line from Shelton Benjamin’s music, “Ain’t no stoppin’ me, now!!!”
  • Sony claimed its best week ever (not EVAR!!!) for the PlayStation 3, selling more than 440,000 units. With a recent price cut and the introduction of the PS3 Slim, Sony has a huge opportunity to gain marketshare. It looks like the company is making the most of it.
  • Microsoft hasn’t cited numbers yet, curiously. The company is putting on a positive front, claiming that it has its best week of 2009 and sold twice as many Xbox 360 systems during Thanksgiving week than it did the previous one.

Nintendo’s continued success isn’t surprising. Most people expected Sony to do well, but the company probably exceeded many expectations. Microsoft’s statements were the most curious. By not citing numbers and using the “we did better than last week” stance, the company looks lame. Maybe its number crunchers are behind and it will put out a strong press release later today, but for now MS looks like a chump.

What are your thoughts on the latest round of the console wars? Will Sony be able to continue its momentum this holiday season? I know you Wii haters out there are hoping for a sharp decline from Nintendo, but do you really think that’s going to happen? And what’s up with Microsoft’s weak-sauce statements?

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  1. MS = nearing market saturation.


    I told you Saints win that game big. Total ass kicking.

  2. I don't hate the Wii, just mine doesn't get any action. Prolly not until FF: Crystal Bearers anyway. Although I did pop in LoZ: Wind Waker over the weekend for old times sake lol.

    LoL and so glad that Triple H beat Jericho last night. Someone needs to shut him up o_O. Srsly.

  3. i think sony AND microsoft will be having a good holiday season. as for nintendo, they always have a good holiday season. its just weird that ms is keeping things down low.

  4. I don't hope for a sharp decline from Nintendo, but I do expect it at some point. There has to be a point where they hit market saturation, and there's no doubt that the console has a real problem with attach rate because there's a lot more shovelware than quality games for the system. In fact it's kinda hard to classify some of the system's best selling "games" as games. Is Wii Fit a game? I'm not so sure.

    As for Microsoft no releasing numbers, we'll see when the NPD numbers come out I suppose. I'm guessing they know they're 3rd and decided to go with a more ambiguous answer because of that. But if they sold upwards of 300,000 units, that's still a pretty good number even if it is 3rd.

  5. I think MS didn't release numbers because they aren't concerned with a per week basis. It's either monthly or more important..quarterly. I know as an accountant weekly figures aren't as important as monthly and quarterly. If they sold more this year compared to last year at this time then it is a positive for MS.

    Let's be rational about this too though. Sony's marketing has improved, they have lowered the price, and introduced a new look for their PS3. If they couldn't outsell MS at some point with all that going for them, then they are in the wrong business or need to rethink some serious strategy.

    On thanksgiving I noticed that my girlfriend's grandparents bought a Wii. They got it a few months ago. They only play Wii Sports on the machine. Not Wii Sports resort, not Wii Fit…just Wii Sports. They think it is the most innovative thing and great for family fun. This is my first brush up with people who aren't gamers or people who even care about anything tech related who love the Wii. I have to wonder…how much has Nintendo hurt their third party support and their overall long term success with the Wii by selling to these kinds of customers? These are also the kind of people who will buy a $15 shovelware game if it let you drive classic cars or something. Even then it is doubtful that they would purchase anything extra for the Wii.

    So that got me thinking…what could Nintendo do to make me want to play their console more (again)? Come out with a new controller. Stop forcing me to use the clunky motion controls with the shaking cursor. Just put out a good wireless standard controller that has SIXAXIS ability and crank out first party titles. Give me that, and I'll support the Wii again.

  6. In 2007 and 2008 M$ was quick to release Black Friday numbers and gloat about beating Sony 2:1 and 3:1. This year they won't release any numbers but has the spin team working on spin like "we sold double this week than last week". It's clear they came in last place and won't release the numbers. Trust me, when M$ sold more than Sony they'll announce it immediately.

  7. @Smartguy

    As bad as I hate to say it, it looks like the Saints will finish the regular season with a perfect record.

  8. I was typing something out about Super Mario Galaxy when I had an epiphany. Shortened it could be SM Galaxy… and honestly I think that explains just about everything that goes on there. Mario is clearly a Masochist, constantly chasing after what can only be the equivlant of a Trophy Wife of Long Island, only to find himself stretched to his physical limits by all types of costumes and toys for a modicrum of hapiness. In fact, he's like the crack addict of masocists, slowly becoming immune to the effects of his drug until he finds he needs so much that he's needs to wear a helicopter hat while in a spring outfit riding on top of a ball just to make it across an ice level that is surronded by liquid hot magma just to get his rocks off.

  9. @ RROD

    Maybe… or at least they're scared of it. When they got asked, we don't know if the other 2 numbers were in yet. R Pad just posted them last (for dramatic effect I assume based on their response). The truth is, we don't know what they did because they didn't tell us.

    One thing's for sure, they were at least scared of releasing the figure.

    @ Smartguy

    The Wii needs better graphics in my opinion. That would totally help.

    @ Saints perfect season

    I've learned the hard way in the past to not discount the Cowboys. Also, Smartguy said that Atlanta in Atlanta could be tough… and he's right.

  10. @N8R

    Right now Matt Ryan and Micheal Turner are both hurt and might not be back in time for the Saints game.

    When M$ don't release numbers that means it's not good. For example, they were quick to release ODST selling 2 million in one day but didn't release how much Forza 3 sold in one day because it wasn't good.

  11. @ RROD

    I still wouldn't count the Falcons out because they are gonna want/need it more. You know those guys are watching Saints gameplay footage right now. If there's an edge, Smith will find it.

    ODST was a different scenario. This is a comparative figure. The weight is on what the other companies did. I agree that they have a "Karl Rove" way about their press… but I'm just saying it's possible that they didn't want to post a number without seeing what the other guys did first.

    Not guaranteed… just possible.

  12. @N8R

    I glad to see you have more faith in my Falcons without Ryan and Turner than I do.

    Well, if you and I and Ray know what Sony and Nintendo sold then M$ definitely knows. Like I said before, they were quick to release Black Friday numbers in 2007 and 2008 so why not this year?

  13. If my Giants lose to Dallas this week they might as well forget about this season. Too many injuries and an O-Line that's underperforming. But if they can sweep the next 3 against Dallas, Philly and DC, then they'll be in good shape. That would put them at 9-5 with a 5-1 division record. I'm just not optimistic that they can do it they way they've been playing lately.

  14. @Nightshade

    Your Giants are in a battle with my Falcons for a wild card spot. We're both still in the thick of the hunt right now. I'm confident that my Falcons can finish with a 9-7 record. I just hope that's good enough for a wild card spot.

  15. @RRoD: They need to beat Dallas this week, or they drop to 6-6. With a trip to Philly the following week, that looks bleak. So that means there's a good chance they drop to 6-7 with Washington, Minnesota & Carolina still on the schedule. Best case scenario at that point is 9-7 with 8-8 being more likely.

    But if the Giants can sweep the rest of the division games and jump to 9-5, I like their chances. Their last two games are against Minnesota and Carolina. Minnesota might be benching guys at that point, and Carolina is pretty bad. So at 9-5 with that schedule, 11-5 looks a lot more possible, though 10-6 is more likely. Even a 2-1 record in the last three division games sets them up decently for 10-6 if the Vikings are benching guys in Weeks 16.

    But both of our teams are chasing Philly. Philly is a great team….sometimes. They're too inconsistent to get a good read on. They can beat anybody and lose to anybody depending on the day.

  16. @LarcenousLaugh – At this rate, Mario's not chasing a trophy wife but a cougar hahahaha.

    @football – as long as the Colts keep squeezing by like they did Sunday, it'll be a happy household here.

    @N8R – The Wii's graphics aren't horrrriiibbllle per se (if you're excluding FF:CC Ring of Fates port lol, that just hurt my eyes). I guess sub par would be a good word. Gah, I can't defend that lol *white flag*

  17. Sony probably did better than Microsoft. The PS3 still has a way to go before it is as common place as the 360 here in the US. This gives it an advantage sales wise. That and most consumers were probably unaware that the PS3 had dropped in price until they started going through the ads for Black Friday.

  18. I saw a dude dressed up as Mario outside an electronics store yesterday holding a sign about an appliance sale. I unfortunately did not have my camera with me, because I would have posted that picture in a heartbeat.

  19. @Nightshade386 – Hahaha, it would have been even more hilarious if he was also the Maytag repairmen's replacement.

  20. @ Cami

    I'm not a graphics whore myself per se. I'm more of a gameplay whore.

    I just think that the Wii could stand to look better. I do however find myself leaning toward the games with better visuals on my computer. The choppier it is just gives me a headache and I prefer to play in full screen. Therefore, if it's not optimized to AT LEAST 720p I'll probably pass.

    I suppose I got spoiled.

  21. @N8R – I'm not a graphics wh0re myself either, but I am pretty spoiled b/c of my ps3. I guess the Wii's visuals don't bother me as much b/c I religiously play my DS. The graphics tho for Crystal Bearers is looking pretty decent for the Wii.

  22. @ Cami

    The smaller the screen, the easier it is for me. A good example of what I'm talking about is that I played WCW/NWO Revenge the other day with my son and it felt like I was playing Lego Wrestling with how blocky the characters looked. Still played great, had alot of fun, but the cubes were killing my eyes. If it were on a smaller screen I could probably handle it without a problem.

    With my Mac (which there are very few games worth playing on it to begin with, the best are usually hacks anyway) it's a 1680 by 1050 screen. I try to play some old Genesis games on it and I have to turn them off in 20 min or window them because my eyes just can't take it anymore. The pixels are SO much more apparent now that I know the difference. However, the smaller the better.

    I like my Wii, don't get me wrong, it just doesn't get the same mileage. I thought Ghostbusters was awesome for the Wii and how they compensated was great. Also, RE4 is absolutely best on the Wii in my opinion.

  23. it's nice to see all consoles selling so well in this economy. I am confused on how Nintendo manages to unload so many consoles with the PS3 and 360 coming down in price.

  24. @Shockwave;

    Never underestimate the dark powers of soccer moms, grandparents and whinny kids. Combined, they have the power to move the earth itself.


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