Akira Yamaoka Leaves Konami?

Silent Hill 2

Akira Yamaoka might not be a familiar name in your gaming household, but you definitely know the games he’s most famous for: the Silent Hill series. He has composed the music for all the Silent Hill games and has served as the series’ producer since SH3. According to Aeropause, Yamaoka has left the building:

After sixteen years at the company, Akira Yamaoka has left Konami.

It would appear that he has left the company entirely rather than moving to another international division. As you would expect, there has been no formal confirmation from Konami, so right now this is an unconfirmed rumour — albeit one generated from a pretty reliable source.

I’m a little stunned by this one. I always thought Yamaoka would be a lifer at Konami, similar to Kojima and Igarashi. He’s been attached to the Silent Hill series since the beginning and it’ll be weird (but cool) to see him doing something else.

The news is a bit personal for me, since Akira was the first Japanese developer to greet me with a friendly hug instead of a professional handshake. This one time (not at band camp), we ditched a GDC party to go dancing. It was cool watching a sound designer and music composer dance.


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