Final Fantasy XIII North American Box Art

Square Enix has released the box art for the North American version of FFXIII. Here’s the PS3 box:

FFXIII Box Art_(PS3)

And here’s the Xbox 360 version:

FFXIII Box Art_(XBOX360)

Let me know what you think when you have a chance. I can’t wait for FFXIII!!!

Author: RPadTV

12 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII North American Box Art”

  1. Ya know… when they are put next to each other……

    The 360 and PS3 labeling are identical. The emblems, console name, and online are all in the exact same place. Never noticed that before.

  2. Impressions:

    1) That sword seems to have alot of useless parts. I suppose simplicity will get you killed in the FF universe.

    2) That chick has the same problem as my wife. You wouldn't need a huge pouch like that weighing down your leg if you would just buy a jacket with better pockets.

    3) A sleeveless turtleneck… makes absolutely no sense.

    4) Talk about buckles! That one unused button on her jacket looks lonely.

    5) Do cows exist in FF? If not, whats her gear made out of?

  3. @N8R – FFXI had sheep. So one can maybe hope that's what it's from. If not that, then I don't wanna know.

    @the cover – that's a nice…thigh…shot… Altho the ESRB likes to ruin that by covering it.

  4. @LarcenousLaugh – supposedly yeah, I remember reading some article with what weapons each char is gonna have. She's got the gunblade, Sazh has dual pistols, Snow is h2h, Hope has boomerangs and the redhead who's name I forgot has some sort of…whip/blade variety thingy.

  5. So we have a girl squall, the equivlant of Barret/Vincent with a bird in his fro, Tifa/Sable, Yufi, and Quistis Trepe. Sweet.

  6. @rbee90 Both games should be fine, simply because of the talent behind them. Nomura (Versus) has done so many great things for Square Enix over the years. Tabata (Agito) did a brilliant job with Crisis Core.

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