Congrats to CamiKitten!

RPad Magnet Nightshade 1

CamiKitten is the latest winner in the chick magnet giveaway! Here’s her winning post. Please check your email so that I can send you your prize. Congrats again!!!

Today’s pictures are from Nightshade386. He sent in some really fun ones. He snapped me with games, in front of a strip club, and sandwiched between Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Check ’em out!

RPad Magnet Nightshade 2

RPad Magnet Nightshade 3

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15 thoughts on “Congrats to CamiKitten!”

  1. The Babe's Cabaret picture is awesome. I think the only thing that would top that now is a picture of the magnet INSIDE the establishment. Ha, ha.


  2. @Ray: You can't see it in the pic (well, you can if you squint really hard), but one of the Gamefly games is this year's SDvsR that you were a part of.

    And Babes Cabaret is in Scottsdale, AZ and it's owned by Jenna Jamison. I was driving around trying to think of a funny shot and as I passed it I literally slammed on the brakes and pulled a u-turn.

  3. @Smartguy: It's one of my favorites, but you're right in the fact that the first half is better then the second half. I actually use a six paragraph quote from early in that book as my away message on AIM sometimes.

  4. @nightshade

    yeah, my comment seemed a bit harsh. the beginning was very good. Not a bad book, but he def had a good idea and didn't end it well.

    I'm more of a Ludlum fan myself. I did read James Clavelle's ShoGun though. That book is incredible.

  5. O_o Thank you!

    LOL at the cover pic, love it. Somebody make this happen, cause I can't. All I could get a pic of is maybe @ the Pony instead rofl.

  6. congrats to camikitten! im trying to think of some cool pics to take for when my magnet comes in the mail.

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