Tennis Pro Andy Murray Loses Girlfriend Over Modern Warfare 2

Andy Murray

The word on the street is that Kim Sears broke up with professional tennis player Andy Murray over his habitual videogame play. The Telegraph reported:

Andy Murray’s relationship with his girlfriend Kim Sears allegedly ended because of the British number one’s passion for computer games including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Brad Gilbert, Murray’s former coach, has said in the past that Murray spends “seven hours a day” playing video games.

The source told The Sun: “He would spend all his time glued to them. In the end she just got fed up with it. She wanted more out of the relationship.”

I’m kind of split on the matter. Being a top-ranked tennis-pro means millions of dollars, seeing the world, and hot women throwing themselves at you on a nightly basis. If I were Murray’s age (22) and had that kind of money, I’d be the whore of Babylon. Then again, I love games and have (unfairly) brushed girls aside so that I could sink more hours into an RPG. Murray either needs to slut it up or find a good woman that understands the importance of gaming.


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  1. It's stories like these that make me appreciate my wife even more. She lets me play all I want without bitching, complaining, or really anything at all. I try to reciprocate the respect by putting down the controller every once and a while and give her some attention. Moderation is always the key. She likes simulation games for the Wii (Harvest Moon, Sims, etc.), but earlier this year, she helped me out by playing as Sheva in RE5. It was perfect since she cannot move and shoot at the same time. We actually got through the whole game together and again on Professional difficulty. She likes it because she is spending quality time with me and I like it because my wife gets me killed less than the A.I.-controlled Sheva. We bonded so well, that she actually liked RE5! Since she only plays crap Wii games, RE5 seems like an epic blockbuster by comparison.

    I'm going to play Gears of War 2 with her next. I have never played the game and I thought we could do it together.


  2. How can you take a game over a girl? Thats kind of weird. Set aside 4 hours of gaming, and 6 hours of quality time with your girl.

  3. My wife doesn't have a problem with me gaming any time I want. She actually greatful because she knows women who can't keep their husbands out of the strip clubs. My wife knows my free time will be spent upstairs in my man cave on my PS3.

  4. @Smart

    They are dangerous, especially after they exposed the Pats. I hope Colts vs Saints SuperBowl.

  5. Neither the Colts nor the Saints will make the SuperBowl. I have a strong feeling that both will lose the first game of the playoffs.

  6. @RROD

    everyone has had a strong feeling that both teams will lose a game by now as well. Both are teams that know how to finish a game and you can't put enough of a lead on them to count them out. Barring injury, they'll both be in the title games for their conferences.

  7. @Topic – She was probably just a pretty face and he was trying to get her to leave without being "That guy". Though in not being "That Guy" he really became "That other Guy". Let it be a lesson to you all… w/e.

    One of the things I have always valued about the relationship with my wife has been that we can be in the same room and not always have to be up each other's ass. I can be playing games, she likes to read. I can be on the computer, she can be watching horrible reality TV shows that I end up being sucked into cause I can hear it in the background.

    *rant* Speaking of which, F*ck You Tyra! When you call someone up to you to tell them that they haven't been eliminated, you don't have to say that they are still in the running to be America's Next Top Model. They are on the f*cking show! They know they are still in the running cause you didn't tell their bulemic ass that they were kicked out. Everytime she opens her mouth and repeats that line I just want to crawl through the screen and coke her with a piece of bacon. If you couldn't tell, repetition by reality programming hosts really grinds my gears. *rant off*

  8. @RRODisHere – Oh no, the Colts are gonna make it to the Super Bowl.

    @LarcenousLaugh – You gotta choke her with something better then bacon.

    @topic – She prolly was nothing more to him then a face and maybe a decent lay *shrug*. I'm so glad my husband understands my addiction to rpgs lol. Of course he works during the day and does tattoos at night so I'm free to game how I please anyway. And when he's home, it's his turn to use the big tv for sports and gaming. Then I usually watch him play, or go do my own thing in another room. It's win/win here. ^^

  9. Dragon Age is the only game to get me in trouble with my girlfriend this year. Next year it will likely be Mass Effect that does the same.

  10. @all Go Colts

    @RRODisHere I get the feeling that you are right and that the colts will probably not make it to the superbowl (im still hoping though) the saints look like they could pull it off though. i dont think they will be out in the first game though. also, i wish my girlfriend would look at video games in a "keeping me away from other things she doesnt like" mentality like you said your wife has.

    @topic my girlfriend hates it when I play video games. we actually have two tvs in my apartment and when she and my other roommates watch something i dont like (99% of the time) i like to just play a game with the volume off (its a compromise) but then i get yelled at for not interacting with anyone else or being social.

  11. @ Colts/Saints Bowl

    I think the Saints are gonna make it because the NFC tends to be a tad more predictable than the NFC. I say this because as a towel carrying member of the Steeler Nation, I remember a Super Bowl winning tackle made by one Big Ben against the Colts. We were 6th seat and still pulled it out.

    AFC is unpredictable. I'm waiting for Colts/Bengals in the playoffs. That'll be a good game.

  12. @RROD;

    I think I'm going to have to agree with you. I know the Colts have a history of having an awesome year with Peyton and then running out of steam during the playoffs. The Saints, however, look pretty scary and they just seem to get better every week that goes by. But then again, you never know. Any given Sunday…


  13. @Larcenous:

    Love the rant. What is it with women and crappy reality shows, anyway? I can't figure it out. It's like they are looking for the absolute worst possible programming on TV.


  14. @Iceman – She loves the girly reality shows (Project Runway, Next Top Skinny Girl) and will watch the series runs they do every once ina while where they show nothing but those shows for days. I loathe Next StoveTop Model, but I don't mind Project Runway as much (in another life, where I didn't mind taking it up the butt, I would be Tim Gunn…. that guy is a snazzy dresser.)

  15. @shockwave

    if it is saints or vikes the AFC will lose.


    saints will get it done. First things first though, Washington this week.

  16. Steelers returned some kicks if I'm not mistaken. That helped.

    Vikes don't finish near as well as the Saints though.

    Also, Steelers are slipping. No Polamalu is bad. Can't win without him.

  17. @smartguy – the NFC isn't as competitive as the AFC. The only really good teams in the NFC right now are the Saints and the Vikings.

    getting to the superbowl shouldn't be too hard for the vikings. I mean, who are the playoff contenders right now besides minnesota?

    Arizona, Dallas, and maybe GB or Philly? please

  18. Low seed teams can make runs. Ask N8R.

    Also Philly got to the title game last year as a wildcard team.

    I don't see an AFC team that competes with the best of the NFC besides Indy…who would lose.

    Cincy dropped a game to Oakland.

    My prediction: Saints vs Chargers

  19. @ Smartguy

    Mistake 1) No, no kick returns that game.

    Mistake 2) Underestimating the Black & Gold.

  20. Not underestimating them at all. Dixon did enough for them to win. No Polamalu hurt them vs Rice.

  21. @N8R – True that. if the Steelers can hold on and squeeze in to the wild card they'll have both Polamalu and Ben healthy for the playoffs. I think the best of the NFC couldn't handle the Steelers healthy and the Steelers are an average team when it comes to the AFC this year. interesting

  22. @ Smartguy

    I can't blame one guy for any defensive shortcomings. Logically, it just doesn't make sense. Besides, all of our losses were super tight games (the last 2 in OT). It's that any given Sunday crap against solid enough teams. As much as it pains me to say this… including Cinci. Those guys are fierce this year. We got a tough division (minus the Browns).

    @ Shockwave

    I completely agree with the AFC thing. I've contested for years that there's some force of nature that makes the AFC way more competitive. So many people in the AFC stand a decent chance every year. In fact. in the past 10 years only 2 NFC teams have won the Bowl. NY and the Rams.

  23. @ Smartguy

    Nah… NOLA's fierce. No doubt. In fact, the whole conversation is about who MIGHT be able to beat the Saints.

  24. I agree with N8R, I think the Saints will roll over the competition in the NFC playoffs

  25. Sorry guys, the Saints and the Colts are well known for choking when it really counts………… the Playoffs. The Saints look unstoppable right now but I just feel that they'll lose their first game in the Playoffs as well as the Colts.

  26. @N8R

    Let me remind you that the Arizona Cardinals represented the NFC in last year's SuperBowl. I'd say that was highly unpredictable.

  27. @ Smartguy

    They could… that's the thing about unpredictable. Check your fantasy teams and see how unreliable AFC teams are. You never know what's gonna happen.

  28. @RROD

    The saints choked a few years ago to Chicago. Won't happen this year. They also choked the last couple of years in the regular season…not happening this year so far.

    Be happy that the NFC South will be in the big dance!

  29. an average team from the AFC will not beat the Vikes or the Saints. Hell, I don't think an average team from the AFC would beat Philly.

  30. @ RROD

    I saw it coming once they obtained Kurt Warner. I've followed Larry Fitzgerald's career since he was at Pitt. The only other jersey I have that's not a Steeler jersey is Fitzgerald (it also helps that we share the same last name).

    I swear I said Arizona at the start of last year and (to your credit) folks thought I was crazy.

  31. @Smartguy

    I'm glad that the NFC South looks to represent but don't you think it's not good for a team to have a loss going into the Playoffs? Look how the Patriots got shellshocked by the Giants after a perfect season.

  32. @N8R

    People have been picking Arizona to win a SuperBowl every year ever since they picked up Edge.

  33. @ Smartguy

    Maybe we have different definitions of average. If you're calling Jacksonville an average AFC team… then I agree.

    We beat the Vikes… and you've already underestimated that game once today. Then again, I don't really think of the Steelers as average. But I'm biased so I don't know for certain.

    The conference as a whole is just tougher. Judging win/loss records is a slanted statistic when it comes to that. But, there are less blowouts in the AFC.

    To your credit… the Titans couldn't beat the Saints… I'll give you that.

  34. @ RROD

    I've never had too much faith in Edge… but I can't deny his talent. I knew they needed a seasoned QB and they got that with Werner.

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