Xbox 360 Avatars Get Pets

Xbox Live petsHot on the heels of the Xbox Live chocobo giveaway, Major Nelson has announced that all sorts of pets will be available for Xbox 360 dollies avatars, starting tomorrow. Captain Marketing said:

We’ve just announced that Pets are coming to the Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace. Tomorrow, the first shipment arrives and you’ll be able to choose from the following Pets at 240 points each:

Large Dog, Pug Dog, Dog in Bag, Cat, Siamese Cat, Long Haired Cat, Goldfish, Guinea Pig, Monkey, Bird, Snake and yes….a Pony.

This must be why Microsoft was reluctant to release Black Friday numbers. It didn’t want to steal thunder from its enormous dolly avatar pets announcement. *snicker*

I’m sure plenty of people will snap up these run-of-the-mill pets, but I’m not going to waste my money on one…until a moogle comes out. Are any of you going to buy one tomorrow?


Author: RPadTV

9 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Avatars Get Pets”

  1. If I were going to buy one of these I would demand an English mastiff. I think that's a little ridiculous, I'm definitely not in such a difficult position to where I cannot get a real pet and need one so badly as to get one for my avatar.

  2. I'm pretty uninterested. However, if one of them is a little demon, I'll change my avatar from Snake Plissken back to Dick Cheney.

  3. Interesting idea initially. Thru have no variance in the dogs though. If they offered specific breeds with color customization I could see people buying them.

  4. Give me a raven, or a wolf and perhaps I will waste more money on my avadoll, but as it is, my giant Fallout 3 pipboy head and vault suit are more then enough of a waste.

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