Sunday Housekeeping

– The Super Bowl poll is pretty close. If you haven’t made your pick, get on it!

– There was a lot of cool video content last week. If you haven’t checked out the PadCasts with Ring of Honor world champion Austin Aries and Tarver games president/co-founder Chris Cross, please do. They’re both excellent people (in very different ways). As always, giant props to N8R for putting these together.

– On the gameplay front, don’t forget the Anders character reveal for Dragon Age: Origins Awakening and this super-cute clip from 3D Dot Game Heroes.

– Remember, since I’m not on a real ad network yet, my video posts are more lucrative than straight text posts. Your support would be immensely appreciated.

– Speaking of which, here’s my periodic nag about using my links. My friend recently bought a $500+ leather bag through Amazon and forgot to use one of my links. Ouch. If you can remember and are purchasing anything through Amazon, I’d super appreciate it if you entered Amazon through one of my links.

– Traffic has been steady since my last housekeeping post, but it’s not really growing. If you like a particular story or video, please share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Digg, N4G, Gamekicker, etc. I’m enjoying the site and loving the interaction, but things have to keep heading up. Since I don’t have a marketing budget, I really need y’all to spread the love.

– As far as traffic sources go, N4G has been down, Gamekicker has been up, and NeoGaf has been way up. It’s interesting to see what the various audiences like or don’t like. Some idiot on N4G rejected my piece on the Dante’s Inferno movie because the site doesn’t post reviews on Avatar or Spider-Man. That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Last time I checked, a major game publisher wasn’t directly involved with Avatar or Spider-Man.

– Enjoy the Super Bowl and let me know which commercials impressed you!

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Housekeeping”

  1. I have successfully posted all the videos to both of my Facebook accounts.

    I hope it helps.

  2. At the risk of sounding presumptuous at this point; congrats, Smartguy (sorry Cami). "Who dat say dey gonna beat them Saints?"

    Your celebration is well deserved, now I hope your people (and Colts fans as well) get the hell out of my city. You guys are congesting traffic worse than it already is, plus, all those extra people and their iPhones are bringing AT&T's crappy network to a crawl… I mean, worse than usual if you can believe that.


  3. @Smartguy

    Congrats man. The Saints pulled it off. Question, when will St. Thomas get some respect and recognition for doing all the dirty work instead of Bush doing hardly nothing and taking all the credit and camera time?

  4. @RROD

    Coming from a strictly poured in perspective and from a cynical business perspective I think Brees, Thomas, and Bush and whoever else is a playmaker will get a frontloaded contract in an uncapped year.

    Sent from Hustler Club on Bourbon. OMG>

  5. @ Smartguy

    My French is f#%kin' terrible (pardon my French), but wouldn't that be pronounced like "ho"?

    I was just basing my spelling off of Mario Lemieux figuring that "eux" made the "oo" sound. *shrug*

    I'm a Yinzer… give me a break.

  6. @N8R

    Cajun french is pronounced the same way. It's bastardized.

    Regardless, you are correct for traditional french.

    Example : French Quarter is Vieux Carre. (voo-carray)

    Cajun french: Vieaux Carre. (vo-carry)

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