PadCast: Ring of Honor World Champion Austin Aries!

Last Friday I went to a Ring of Honor show in Los Angeles and caught up with world champion Austin Aries, fresh off his victory over Jushin “Thunder” Liger. Whether you call him the RoH champion, A-Double, the vascular vegetarian, or MV3, there’s no denying that Aries is one of the most talented wrestlers in the world. It was an honor chatting about videogames, karaoke, being vegetarian, being pro-choice, naked Shawn Michaels, women with meat in their mouth, and the writing in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw with Aries. It was also fun goofing off with a friend (ha!). Check out this very special PadCast with the master of the brainbuster and the owner of the most devastating 450 splash in the universe!

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  1. sorry rpad I commented before realizing it was an interview, you can delete the comment

  2. @tokz_21 You can also download Ring of Honor shows on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. I totally forgot to mention that in the interview.

    Yes, Aries cuts some pretty funny promos. His heel promo on Liger was old-school racist. He said Liger probably didn't understand him and half the LA crowd probably didn't understand him because he didn't speak Japanese or "Mexican". He also wondered why people from Japan, the supposed technological leaders of the world, eat their rice with two sticks.

    The wrestling in RoH is just brilliant. Guys like Aries, Claudio Castagnolic, Chris Hero, etc. are SO good.

    @Smartguy Liger is in his mid 40s, I believe.

  3. @rpad

    thanks for the tip, If i wasn't running out of room on my PS3 i would get it through there. I'm guessing their not free, so i'll have to purchase an MS points card through your Amazon links sometime soon, along with the TPB of Planet Hulk. I tried watching the Dvd btw but fell asleep. I will give my (not a) review on it later. I've been hearing that ROH action is great but never knew if a network carried it.

  4. @tokz_21 There are some real gems available on PSN and Xbox Live. Obviously the Claudio and Aries matches are my favorites, but you can see Bryan Danielson before he went to WWE developmental and Nigel McGuiness before he became Desmond Wolf for TNA.

  5. @RRODisHere He's definitely slower and smaller than he was in his WCW days, but he definitely helped revolutionize the business in America by bringing that style and other New Japan Pro Wrestling athletes to America.

  6. @Raymond Padilla

    Agreed. I still remember the how amazed I was when I saw Liger perform that running power bomb for the first time.

  7. @RRODisHere The Liger bomb is completely awesome. Liger also invented the shooting star press, which is a difficult move to perform but can look so good when it's done right (see Evan Bourne, not Billy Kidman).

  8. @Raymond Padilla

    Hey, I'm hearing rumors of next year's Wrestlemania being in Atlanta in the Georgia Dome. Do you know if this is true?

  9. @rpad

    I'm sure he is. I just didn't like his character. Maybe it was the writing orlack of charisma (just my opinion) but when i think of Billy Kidman i just can't stop thinking of her.

  10. @rpad

    Ha! Since you seem to know the site of the next WM is. Are you able to find out why Vince won't have a Royal Rumble in Chicago/Allstate Arena. I can't recall them ever doing one here.

  11. @RRODisHere With some luck, I'll be there too!

    @tokz_21 I'm not sure about the Rumble, but I was at the last Chicago WrestleMania. I don't know how city selection works for events. *shrug*

  12. @rpad

    I was there as well. I was very happy to see Torrie and Candice Michelle pillow fight from ringside! well if you ever find out how that goes, let me know. I want to see a rumble live in person but not worry about hotel and flights.

  13. I really didn't know too much about A Double until this interview. I must say it has peaked my interest.

    Ok, here's the trivia:

    1) Name all the games depicted.

    2) Who's the girl with meat in her mouth? (on a side note/hint: when you google "meat in her mouth", it's the only pic usable in a video like this if you have Safesearch off of course)

  14. Liked it as much now as I did while it was recording. Also impressed by the video accompaniment!

  15. @rpad
    He sounds like such a great guy. Also, thanks for the video highlights of ROH wrestling. I’ve been wondering if they had televised shows. I saw the HDNET logo in the corner looked up the showtimes and it looks like Mondays for me before RAW and after RAW. It’s set on my DVR. Are his mic skills good as this interview with you? This may be a great guy for me to start keeping an eye out for when he hits the big leagues.

  16. @Justin Thanks for watching/listening/being there! I'm still being sloppy in my interviews because I'm trying to make them more conversational. I can do a lot better though. I better "man up" like the crappy Briscoe tag-team by the time DICE rolls around.

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