Coffee Talk #79: 2D Gaming in 2010

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Sega’s announcement that Sonic the Hedgehog will be returning for a brand new 2D adventure has me excited. 2D Sonic games were a huge part of my childhood and stayed with me in my teens and college years. They were just so well done, offering clever gameplay and an unmatched sensation of speed. Plus, Sonic was just cool! (Well…he was until Urkel started voicing him in the cartoon. That was his downfall. Trust me.) Ah, the days when 2D was king…. (I’m going to fetch Daniel Stern for a Wonder Years-type voice over.)

It actually took me a while to get used to 3D games. For the most part, I hated the first generation of 3D platformers and fighting games. They didn’t have the precision controls and deep gameplay that 2D games offered. So much effort put towards the graphics that other aspects of these games fell short. Obviously 3D games have gotten past those growing pains and are today’s norm. But where does that leave new 2D titles?

Do gamers care for new 2D games? Do they sell because of novelty and nostalgia? Is that enough? Did Shadow Complex open the door for fresh 2D gaming experiences? Or was that an anamoly? I’d love to hear your thoughts on 2D gaming in 2010, so please shout it out in the comments section!

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31 thoughts on “Coffee Talk #79: 2D Gaming in 2010”

  1. I don't really care about new 2D games, shadow complex was an impulse buy for me, and I still have yet to finish my first playthrough. It is boring to me. However, I can still go back and play Zelda, or any mario game from the NES, and a lot of old gameboy and NES games that I played when I was younger. They are still fun, and they still had good quality, unlike what I feel kids games have now. Kids games, to me, feel so much more dumbed down than they used to, and it just doesn't work in my opinion.

    Give me my NES or GB, or any other old school system if 2D gaming is what's on the menu.

  2. I love 2D games and I think they definitely have their place in gaming. Several franchises, Sonic, Mega Man and Worms included just don't belong in 3 dimensions. I think it is very understandable that some games continue to be released in 2D. Mario Galaxy is cool but look at what New Super Mario Bros Wii has been able to accomplish.

    I also maintain that Shadow Complex was one of the best games I played in 2010. It opens the door to reboots of many of my favorite games including Megan Man, Castlevania, and Contra.

    I think the PSN and Live arcade saved the 2D game, and thank god for it, for us older players 2D gaming will always have a special place in our hearts. I can't speak for the kids though, I just hope they aren't too pampered with titles like Halo and Call of Duty.

  3. I'd like to see a new metroid in 2D as well. It was unfortunate that 2D gaming basically died when the PS1 and N64 came out. To me, 2D platforming should always have its own genre, just like shooters, RPGs, and others

  4. I still love 2-D games probably why I still have my NES and SNES still. I loved that they went back to 2-D for Mega Man 9 & 10. Also for the NSMB for the Wii. I've also found myself playing the 8-bit version of left for dead more and enjoy it immensly. (sp?) I'm all for playing for 2-D games and agree with Shockwave that they should release more of these games. Wow, I just remembered that they're rebooting NBA JAM for the Wii. It better stay in a 2-D format. I don't think I will like if they try to add some type of 3-D angles like NBA live or NBA 2k series.

  5. haha, touche Rpad – funny thing is usually I'm spitting off the previous year in to March. I guarantee you I'll refer to this year as 09 at some point

  6. I enjoy a good 2D game. Personally I disliked Shadow Complex because you had to shoot "in" to the screen and I felt that was very imprecise. I would have bought the game if not for that.

    If you haven't played Trine on PSN then do so. Great controls for a 2D game.

    If you aren't sold on how awesome a 2D game can be…play Symphony of the Night.

  7. @smartguy what system is Symphony of the Night on?

    also, I will say that so far the only 2D game I can think of, and I don't know why I did not remember this game before, but Braid was a game I fell in love with. I'm still trying to beat the whole game in under 45 minutes for that last achievement. I still do not like Shadow Complex that much, but Braid is worth the money I spent on it and then some.

  8. @completely unrelated

    I found this video to be pretty interesting and thought somebody else might find it cool too.

  9. @smartguy

    Thank you for helping me remember the name of the game. I couldn't place the pic that rpad provided for the topic. I knew it was a Castlevania game but couldn't remember the name!

  10. @bsukenyan It's a pretty brilliant game. When it came out, I was arguing with my friend at Entertainment Weekly over it. I loved it; it was wonderfully refined 2D platform game that hit on so many levels–gameplay, graphics, music, etc. He brushed it off for not being 3D and not being anything new.

  11. @Ray. I will give new games a chance, but at the same time I know that some times I don't like change with some things. I am looking forward to checking this game out when I get the chance.

  12. I think 2D games are still needed but 3D games rule. Little Big Planet is the 2D game that enjoyed the most this gen.

  13. i think the future of mortal kombat should go back to 2d, midway should just release sequels in hd and release them on psn and xbl

  14. @Sandrock – well past-due on their part. I don't even know why Sony supports the PS2 still. I think it hurt initial PS3 sales personally.

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  16. What do you guys think the access fee for PSN will be? Do you think they will put multiplayer behind a paywall?

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