Austin Aries, Claudio Castagnoli, and Paul London in WWE Game

A friend notified me that my IMDB listing has been updated to include my writing credits for SmackDown vs. Raw 2011. Naturally, I went ahead and perused the listing. I was surprised to see that the motion-capture actors were listed. The entry noted that former WWE Superstar Paul London, my friend Austin Aries, and my favorite wrestler Claudio Castagnoli did mo-cap work for the game. This surprised me since I didn’t think that THQ and WWE would want the world to know that indie wrestlers were doing the in-game moves for current WWE talent.

According to IMDB, Aries did the mo-cap work for Evan Bourne, Chris Jericho, and Santino Marella. London portrayed Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston. Castagnoli donned the capture suit for Edge and Jack Swagger.


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15 thoughts on “Austin Aries, Claudio Castagnoli, and Paul London in WWE Game”

  1. Dude…it says Oderus Urungus!!!!

    Does that mean that Dave Brockie did voice over work? Or is this just misinformation on IMDB?

    If not, why would he be credited as Oderus and not Dave Brockie? And, that's totally f**kin' awesome.

    (for those who don't know, Oderus Urungus is the name of the character that is the lead singer of GWAR. The guy's real name is Dave Brockie and he has used his real name in other projects in the past.)

  2. That's completely awesome.

    Now I have to buy this game for several supportive reasons. To support RPad, to support reader Justin, and last but not least, to support a rock god like Dave Brockie.

    Gwar actually had more influence on my musical career than I could possibly admit.

  3. Oderus should be an unlockable character. I tried to make him in 2010, but it didn't work out.

  4. Ok I knew the name Oderus but forgot which band. GWAR had a show out here about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Four of my friends went and said the show was bananas!

  5. @ Thundercracker

    Sleazy is easier to make yourself. In fact, my current XBL avatar resembles Sleazy.

    @ BB

    They really do put on the best shows. I've seen them 5 times.

  6. Hopefully I won't get any heat for posting credits to IMDB before shipping… ::hides::

    Don't forget awesome comedian Paul F Tompkins — from Mr. Show, Tenacious D, and Best Week Ever — as the voice of the trainer. I'm seeing his monthly show Wed. night; it's an LA staple.

    There are a few other surprises in store, but I didn't submit them yet. As the guy behind all the stories, I am VERY spoiler-sensitive.

    Aries actually played one of the Bella twins in a scene, but I wasn't going to credit him for that. He played a hell of a woman, though!

    Brockie should be in the credits as Dave Brockie — IMDB just goes to Oderus as the default name. He did awesome in his first non-GWAR VO gig, by the way.

  7. @ Justin

    Day 1 for me… too many great people to support with this one. Yourself and Ray especially.

    @ Ray

    This game should be an invitational game night game for sure. I'm sure we can convince a few other readers to get it.

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