Tuesday Housekeeping

– Yeah, I meant to write this on Sunday but I’ve been tired from working on super secret project, commuting, and writing for the site. Ha!

– Last week was one of the best the site has had in a few months. My Droid X review has been getting some nice traffic. This story on SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 was promoted by the excellent people at WrestleZone and ProWrestling.net. It was a very strong week in a season where there isn’t a whole lot to write about.

– The mobile version of the site is pretty popular. Mobile traffic has been up in the last month. I wonder if it’s because the mobile version make it easier and faster to load stories from a phone. Here are the top five device types that visit the site:

  1. iPhone
  2. Android
  3. iPad
  4. iPod
  5. BlackBerry

– As always, thanks so much for all the support, comments, and excellent company!

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15 thoughts on “Tuesday Housekeeping”

  1. @rpad

    No, thank you for being a great verbal entertainer!

    I bet the reason why the Android is number 2 is because of Big Blak. i don't know anyone else on this site who has an Android phone.

  2. @ Tokz

    Lol, I do that. I'll be at work or at home on a comp and just to give the site more hits I log on my mobile phone. Its set as my home page so even if I uses tha innerwebz on it Rpad.tv always get a hit first.

  3. @ Rpad

    This is a fun place because of you and your writing abilities, your connects in the industry, and you actually mix it up with us on the boards. For someone that is super busy you sure take care of your fans and online community. Thank you dude.

  4. @Big Blak

    i knew it! No worries though i tag team this site when i'm at work. I look at it on my work PC and even if i get up to get a glass of water i disco my iphone and view the site there.

  5. @tokz_21 @Big Blak Thanks for the kind words! I think this is fun place because of you people. (What do you mean YOU people?!?) Your comments make things fun and interesting. Without you it would just be me talking to myself, which isn't nearly as entertaining.

  6. @rpad

    you're welcome. i would actually pay to see you to talk yourself. i wonder what type of weird thoughts or conversation would come out of your head. Would it be about Reona Rewis? Pokemon? Bleahy? the possibilities are endless.

  7. @ Rpad

    Your a cool guy (even though we have never physically met) and have a cool innerwebz sight. Kind words are sure to follow for someone like you.

  8. @Ray

    I gotta agree with @Tokz and @Big Blak, you communicating with people and actually talking with all of us is what makes the site what it is. No one else could do something like this, because in all of the sites I have seen the authors do not communicate like you nor do they write half as well. With good writing, verbal entertainment, and correspondence with readers; it is enough to keep me coming back for more.

  9. You guys are awesome! Warm fuzzies are emanating from the office where super secret project is taking place. Hopefully my temporary coworkers won't mind. Ha!

  10. @Ray

    As always love the site. I hang out here everyday for hours on end. The company you/we keep is great. I wish you the greatest success on the site. I tell everyone I know to check it out here, even if they don't do tech the conversation are always great.

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