R.I.P. Bob Sheppard, Voice of the NY Yankees

Longtime New York Yankee public address announcer Bob Sheppard passed away today at 99. He was the voice of Yankee Stadium since 1951, announcing legends like Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, and Phil Rizzuto. He announced games until 2007, introducing fans to current Yankee greats like Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. Jeter still uses a recording of Sheppard’s voice for his at-bats.

While most stadium announcers for most sports use an in-your-face style, the Yankees stayed with Sheppard’s classic announcing for decades. He added a classy and dignified air to Yankee Stadium. I’ve attended dozens of games with Sheppard on the mic. I haven’t been back to New York for baseball season in years. It’s definitely going to be weird going to a Yankee game and not hearing his voice. I hope that Jeter will continue to use Sheppard for his at-bats. I definitely want to catch a game before he retires and to hear the “Voice of the Yankees” one more time.

There have been so many Yankee legends over the years and so many of them have been introduced by Bob Sheppard. He became such an integral part of Yankee games and Yankee history that he ended becoming a legend himself. Rest in peace Bob Sheppard. You will be missed.

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12 thoughts on “R.I.P. Bob Sheppard, Voice of the NY Yankees”

  1. espn always does such a good job with those montages, buster olney and tim kurkijan are amazing at putting things into historical perspective

    i hate the yankees, but RIP mr sheppard

  2. @thundercracker I like Olney and really like Kurkjian, but I don't think either of them were necessary to put Sheppard's career in perspective. Think about all the great players he announced. Think about all the moments he witnessed — all the Yankee World Series wins, Don Larsen's perfect World Series game, Roger Maris' record-breaking season, Reggie Jackson's three home runs in a World Series game, etc. Sheppard was a constant presence at Yankee Stadium for 50+ years.

  3. im fascinated by anyone that old who was involved in baseball their entire life. I would love to have heard him tell stories about his experiences with legends like gehrig, ruth, casey stengel. I wasnt saying that ESPN was necessary in order to properly appreciate his life experience, i was simply saying that Olney and Kurkijan bring a certain level of class to any story about the history of baseball…im a HUGE baseball fan, and i adore learning whatever i can about the history of the game. My coffee table book is an illustrated history of baseball 1876-1950. I know every god damn statistic of any importance. I pride myself of my ridiculous level of knowledge, lol

  4. @smartguy

    Uecker obviously has a larger presence in pop culture because of his movie and television appearances. Sadly, i would say he will be more celebrated by most baseball fans, because no one outside of new york knew anything about bob sheppard, sadly..i asked 4 yankees fans at work today, and they had no idea who he was. I give Ray "props" for posting this article, and i will admit, he seems to be a real yankees fan, and those are rare


    i realize that gehrig, ruth and stengel didnt play/manage in the 50's when sheppard started, i just like to hear stories from anyone who was alive in that era and watched them in action.

  5. this is how i felt when Harry Caray died. Even though he had not been the Cubs broadcaster for 50 plus years like Sheppard; he was the announcer for me. Growing up the only voice i heard for Cubs baseball was his. It was a shocker to all of us, Cubs fans, when he passed away in 1998. All great broadcasters should have statues at their respective clubs stadium. Good broadcasters are beginning to go extinct with tv everywhere. You don't have to describe what you're seeing to the audience and you don't have to keep them entertained anymore because you're the only interesting thing on. People can change the channel and watch something else when they're bored. I miss baseball verbal entertainment :(

  6. RIP Bob Sheppard. It should be noted that he was also the Public Address Announcer for the NY (football) Giants for nearly as long as he was for the Yankees. Growing up on the east coast with guys like Bob Sheppard and Phil Rizzuto, it kinda feels like a small part of your childhood dies when these guys pass away.

  7. I love that Jeter used Bob Sheppard's voice in the all-star game.

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