(Not a) Review of “Leliana’s Song” DLC for Dragon Age: Origins

The “Leliana’s Song” downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins is the best post-launch DLC Bioware has released for its outstanding 2009 RPG. In addition to the things you’ve come to exepct from Dragon Age DLC — new items, new companions, new villains, etc. — “Leliana’s Song” stands out for its excellent voice acting and storytelling. If you’ve ever been tempted by any Dragon Age DLC, this is the one to download before any of the other post-launch content.

(Spoiler alert for anyone that hasn’t played the original!) “Leliana’s Song” is a prequel that examines the titular character’s past as an Orlesian spy. The DLC recounts the circumstances that lead her to chantry life in Ferelden, focusing on the betrayal by her mentor and lover Marjolaine. (And yes, fans of lesbian make-out scenes have something to look forward to.)

The storytelling is well done, thanks to a strong script and some excellent voice acting. Leliana and Marjolaine steal the show, while companions Sketch and Tug add some decent support. If you’re a Leliana fan — and lots of Dragon Age players are — then you’ll enjoy experiencing her past as a manipulative, cutthroat bitch bard. It’s such a great contrast to the seemingly dopey, bless-the-maker character you first encounter in Dragon Age.

The DLC adds some new music that’s completely appropriate for the adventures of the bard. Some of the exploration and battle tracks are lute driven, which is just cool. Along with cowbell, videogame music needs more lute.

In terms of gameplay, there’s nothing new. It’s the same action-RPG combat and exploration that made the original so enjoyable. Most players will be able to beat the DLC in less than two hours. It takes considerably less time if you skip through the dialog and cutscenes (in which case you’re kind of missing the point). Beating the DLC nets you some nifty armor (Battledress of the Provocateur) that can be used in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Origins Awakening. Next to the Felon’s Coat, it’s the second-best light-armor in the game.

Most diehard Dragon Age fans have already purchased “Leliana’s Song.” If you’re on the fence about it due to disappointment in the other DLC then I recommend taking a chance on this one. It’s another dose of that lovely BioWare combination of fun gameplay and great storytelling. Out of all the Dragon Age DLC, “The Stone Prisoner” and “Leliana’s Song” are the best. This DLC is a nice prequel chapter in the Dragon Age saga that offers a few hours of fun and some nice armor that can be used in the full game.

Author: RPadTV