Sunday Housekeeping

– Last week was pretty big for Tuesday was the best day the site ever had, with a bunch of traffic coming from N4G and a little bit from Gamekicker. Overall, it was the best week ever (or evar!!!) in terms of traffic. To everyone that reads the site regularly, thank you so much! If there’s a particular article you like, I encourage you to plug it in the two aforementioned sites, Digg, Twitter, Facebook, etc. With your help, the site is growing!

– Last night at the Spike TV VGA after party, Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski punched me. Unfortunately, I only have one witness and she’ll side with him.

– If you still have holiday shopping to do, is way better than going to the mall. If you do use Amazon, kindly use any of the links you see on my site. That would help me out a bunch…especially if you bought like 12 LCD televisions. Ha!

– I’ll be flying off to New York for the holidays, but I’ll still be updating the site. Partially it’s because I want to see how everyone is doing for the holidays, but to be completely honest it’s also because I can’t hack the NY winters anymore.

– If you’ve won an chick magnet and haven’t received it, please let me know. I still have a few left to give away, but I want to make sure that everyone that won already has theirs.

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Housekeeping”

  1. punched by someone famous huh? Most people stick to an autograph book…

    I wonder who else you can get to punch you.?

  2. @Smartguy I'm still in LA until the 24th. Hopefully this week will be big with everyone talking about their top 5 games of 2009.

    @bsukenyan Read the linked interview for the backstory! I don't think I've ever asked Cliff for his autograph.

  3. @rpad I remember that interview, I somehow missed that last part though. And I wouldn't really expect you to ask someone like that for their autograph.

    Personally though I would opt for my picture taken with headless Faith. lol.

  4. when the cops got there did you tell them that you deserved it and they dont understand cliffy and that he really loves you?

  5. A little late, but congratulations!

    As for the Amazon links, you should have said, "Would you kindly buy 12 LCD televison sets through the links from my site?"


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