Sunday Housekeeping

– Last week was another strong one for Thanks to everyone for reading and leaving comments! It’s been two months and a few days since the site started. Sometimes it feels longer and even though I’m impatient with some of the things I want to do for the site, if I take a step back and give it some perspective, I’m proud of what it has become. So thank you!

– I’m messing around with the layout this week. Last time I asked about this issue, opinions were split on the matter. Let’s see how it goes. If it helps numbers, I’ll leave it. If the numbers are about the same and it bothers you, I’ll switch back to the old layout. Either way, let me know what you think.

– If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping, please consider buying something from through my site links. You can find gateways to Amazon in the right sidebar and in each individual story. I’m experimenting with a new ad vendor in some of the spots where the Amazon links used to be. I’m still trying to get into bigger ad networks, but let’s see how this does.

– I’m flying off to New York on Thursday to see my family for a few weeks. I’ll keep serving up content, but there will probably be a few slow days. My family has excursions to Manhattan and Atlantic City planned. I’ll bring my laptop and try to post some stories, but family time comes first.

– Again, thank you all for supporting the site by reading articles and leaving comments!

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Housekeeping”

  1. New site layout looks pretty neat. Have to go into the story anyway to post, so reading them on the main page isn't a big deal.

    Family does come first, so unless Manhattan or AC are boring (which they aren't) we expect pictures afterwards lol… not during.

  2. I prefer the abbreviated layout as well. If I want to post, I open the article.

    I've been shopping through Amazon Ray…using your links. I hope it is registering.

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