Questions Wanted for SwitchGames Jason Crawford

I’m meeting up with SwitchGames (a peer-to-peer service for trading games) founder Jason Crawford this week. He’s a cool guy and I’m looking forward to hanging out with him, but I figure I should try to slip in an interview while I have the opportunity. With that in mind, is there anything you’d like to ask Jason? If your question is used, you’ll be mentioned in an upcoming “PadCast”!

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  1. If you had one sentence in which to market your product to someone who had never heard of your service (hypothetically), and you weren't allowed to use any commas, what would that sentence be? (I'll allow two sentences if he manages to work "chocolate chip cookie" into his sales pitch somehow)

  2. Since I am hoping one day to con, err…get hired into, a job in the video game industry, I am always curious about what a person's "big break" into the video game industry was. How and why did they decide to get into the industry?

  3. Well, since you asked; I'm curious to know what mechanisms you have in place in case someone trades a game disk that is all scratched up or maybe not in top working condition. Is there a quality control/assurance system in place so that gamers don't end up getting screwed?

    Another question that came in second; With people on this site (*cough* Padilla *cough*) and elsewhere, predicting the end of disk-based gaming in favor of digital distribution in the somewhat near future, how is your company going to continue to grow if the market does indeed go into that direction?


  4. Just wrapped up my chat with Jason. I think there's some pretty cool stuff there! In addition to SwitchGames, we talked about other geek stuff: 2010 games, Apple, James Cameron, etc.

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