Housekeeping: Coffee Talk and Your Top 5 Games of 2009

Top 5For next week’s Coffee Talk columns, I’m going to be counting down my top five games of 2009. I’ll be starting of Monday with #5 and closing out the week with #1. In the spirit of the column, I’d love all of you to do the same. It’ll be fun!

Now when I say your top five games, I mean your top five games. It has nothing to do with quality, objectivity, etc. I want to know which five games you had the most fun with in 2009.

So get your thinking caps on and get ready to bust out your favorite games of 2009 starting on Monday!

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54 thoughts on “Housekeeping: Coffee Talk and Your Top 5 Games of 2009”

  1. This may seem a bit sad, but I've only played five games in 2009 and I think only one of them came out in '09. I'm such a horrible excuse for a 'core gamer.


  2. I'm jumping the gun because I'm bored.

    #5 Brutal Legend

    #4 Madden NFL 10/FIFA Soccer 10 (tie)

    #3 Assassin's Creed II

    #2 Batman: Arkham Asylum

    #1 Dragon Age:Origins

  3. alright might as well

    #5 GTA Gay Tony

    #4 Infamous

    #3 Shadow Complex

    #2 Uncharted 2

    #1 Dragon Age (barely edged out Uncharted 2)

  4. No particular order:

    Civ Rev for the iPhone

    UFC Undisputed

    1 vs 100 (I'm a trivia whore)

    Arkham Asylum

    and I'm getting Borderlands and SvR for Christmas with a high probability that one or both of them will make the list.

    I'm typically late to alot of games. Example: I'm about half way through Bioshock and I paused to play Gay Tony. Of the whole year of games I played this year, the top is Fallout 3.

  5. Hmmm, I feel I should give Dragon Age a shot if some of you guys are putting it over Uncharted 2.

  6. @Nightshade

    I didn't know you were into Madden. I feel they finally got it right this gen with Madden 10. Madden 09 was a step in the right direction but the one before were all garbage.

  7. @RROD – it's really a tough one, apples and oranges you know? I think Uncharted 2 is a far better game I'm just getting a lot more out of Dragon Age. But that's Bioware for you. I haven't played any D&D to tell you if you'd like the game but if You've played Kotor you'll feel right at home.

  8. @ RROD

    Those are typical RPG gamers. Nothing against them of course, but you've stated in the past that you aren't the same type of gamer.

    Neither am I. I've heard and seen quite a bit about it and I'm still not sold.

  9. @Rpad – good idea, I'll back up my games next week.

    @ #11 – Uncharted 2 is probably one of the most perfected games I've played. Kudos to the studio for doing just about everything perfectly. While I can't say the same with Dragon Age I will say that what Bioware did accomplish was nothing short of epic.

  10. @Rpad – See I love a lot of western RPGs, Fallout, Oblivion, Mass Effect, Dragon Age. But I've never played a Final Fantasy game before. To be honest the turn based fighting really turns me off. do you think if I get past that I'll really enjoy character leveling, the story, and looting?

  11. @N8R;

    Wow, you made me feel better since I played Bioshock for the first time earlier this year. Glad to see that I am not the only one who gets late to the party. I don't see how you can stop from playing one story-based game and start another half-way through. Especially when the story is so good. Once I start playing a game, I finish it all the way through before starting another game 97% of the time. If not, I think I may get the stories mixed up.


  12. Since everyone else is doing it lol.

    5. inFamous

    4. Assassin's Creed 2

    3. Broderlands

    2. Uncharted 2

    1. Batman: Arkham Asylum

  13. @Shockwave

    You will always get more playing time out of RPGs than action games.


    Yeah, I guess they are RPG heads. You're right, RPGs are not my favorite genre but wanted to give them a fair shot.

  14. @RRoD: yeah, I gave Madden a pretty glowing review:

    I'm usually lukewarm on buying new sports games every year because they can really come across like a $60 roster update at times. This year's Madden, that was not the case.

    It should also be noted that I haven't played Uncharted 2 yet. But the thing about Dragon Age is that even though there are some real technical flaws in the game's graphics, the storytelling is superb and the replayability his very high.

  15. @Shockwave562 Japanese RPGs have been moving away from pure turn-based combat for several years. There's a good chance you'd like XIII, but I don't know how you feel about other JRPG conventions and sensibilities.

    @RRODisHere From a purely objective standpoint, Uncharted 2 is better than Dragon Age, but based on my preferences I had WAY more fun with DA. To be fair, I haven't played enough of Uncharted 2 and will probably leave it off of my list because it didn't get enough play time.

    Tangent: this is one of my biggest problems with "game of the year" awards. Not everyone that votes on them played the entire games and in some cases didn't play them at all. To me, this makes a lot of the picks empty.

  16. @Nightshade

    WHAT?! YOU HAVEN'T PLAY UNCHARTED 2 YET?! You must experience Uncharted 2 for yourself and when you do you will that Naughty Dog has raised the bar so high in all areas that all other devs need to take note.

  17. @RRoD: I'm waiting until after all the holiday giftcards and cash come in before I "buy" a PS3. I might need neck surgery early next year for a bulging disc, so I'm trying not to spend too much of my own cash on other stuff right now.

  18. @Raymond Padilla

    I agree about you GOTY picks problem. I can't make a real GOTY list because I haven't played what the Xbox has to offer this year.

    Do you feel that a reviewer must play the whole game to write a review?

  19. @Nightshade

    Oh, sorry. I thought you had a PS3. That explains it. There's no way you can have a PS3 and not play Uncharted 2. My mistake.

  20. LoL noboday waited til Monday. I can't even remember what all I bought this year that was EVEN a 2009 release off hand except Arkham Asylum. Which I love. Guess I'll mull over it after Saturday.

    Tick tock, feed the Croc.

    @Rpad – I got my magnet today yay! Although the USPS ripped the envelope to shreds haha! The stamp rocks too. Now to think of some cool way to snap a pic of it. ^^

  21. Guys, I played the Dante's Inferno demo last night and I must say that I was impressed. It's a day one buy for me now. I loved it. Everything about it was ripped straight from God of War though but that's OK. I mean EVERYTHING. Has anyone else played it yet?

  22. #1 Uncharted 2

    #2 Assassin's Creed II

    #3 Modern Warfare 2

    #4 Batman: Arkham Asylum

    #5 Dragon Age: Origins

  23. @CamiKitten Dang. That took a long time and USPS tortured the envelope. *sigh* I'll chalk it up to holiday mail.

    @RRODisHere Part of it depends on the audience, whether it's for a general crowd or enthusiast gamers. Part of it also depends on the game and genre. Even considering all of that, I'd say no for the vast majority of games. As an experienced reviewer, I would have come to the same conclusions playing 20 hours of Dragon Age as playing 40+.

  24. @RRoD: I think a "rage quit" says as much about a game as completing it does. Take Prototype for example. I quit that game in a controller throwing fit of anger. But I still wrote the review for our site.

    So thus, finishing a game is not a prerequisite for reviewing a game….although it is preferred.

  25. I bought last year's Madden. It was the first in a long time. The game played like garbage, and I don't see it improving since it played just like I remembered when I got a PS2 many years ago.

    Biggest gripe: Why the hell is Aaron Brooks and Joe Horn still adorning the Superdome?? Drew Brees has been here for 3 years (at the time, now 4)!! Lazy developers putting out the same crap with updated rosters and some new gimmick. Pass.

    If the game sold brand new for $20-$25 I'd be more lenient…but for $60?? No way.

  26. Yeah, Prototype got ridiculous at the end with all the timed crap.

    The damn hunters having a constant lock on you hampered it a bit as well.

  27. Hmmm….

    1. Uncharted 2

    1b. Batman Arkham Asylum ( I did everything in that game)

    2.Battlefield 1943

    3. Brutal Legend

    4. Punchout Wii

    5. Demon's Souls

    Left off the list:

    MW2 (liked it less than the first as far as single player, and MP has issues)

    Prototype (the last 4 or 5 missions ruined this game)

    InFamous (never played it)

  28. @Smartguy

    If you remotely liked that crap Prototype then I would recommend playing inFAMOUS.

  29. @Prototype. I gave that game a 6 if I recall correctly , and I felt generous doing so. The button mashing minigames that you constantly died in the middle of were what finally made me quit the game in anger.

  30. @RROD

    I borrowed Prototype from a friend, in return I let him borrow Red Faction. (something you can't do with digi distribution). I had just bought a new house when inFAMOUS released, so I was understandably not able to just throw down $$ for a new game lol.

    Prototype was fun initially because you were just really strong. What hooked me for about the first 2 hours I played was collecting the blue orbs. Once I started playing the game though it gave me fits with the damn hunters and the timed missions at the end.

    I plan on buying inFAMOUS with giftcards this christmas.

  31. @Prototype – Prototype intrigued me, especially with all the hype between it and inFamous. I think I played it for half an hour and then returned it to Lackluster video that night.

    The controls were attrocious. There is no part of me that wants to hold down one trigger, while pushing the opposite bumper, only to try and jump at something that moves past me which throws the entire screen for a loop. There was not a single part of that game that I enjoyed… and that is saying something without how completely some of the powers mirrored Hulk:Ultimate Destruction (and I loved that game).

  32. @RROD – Ya when I say I'm getting more out of Dragon Age I'm not talking about just hours. There's a something about good RPGs that can't be found on another genre.

  33. @ RROD

    I played Dantes inferno demo last night.I was expecting it to be similar to GoW but it was like thay reskinned Kratos and gave him a scythe took away his chains.Some of that stuff like the waterwheel rolling toward you and you had to kill all enemies before the gates opened came directly from GoW.

    The cut scenes and voice acting was lackluster though I thought.All in all made it a rental for me for the moment anyways hopefully they have some of their own ideas thrown in there later in the game.I would rather play GoW.The crosses reminded me of castlevania.

  34. @Trikkey

    I've never seen such a blatant rip off in my life but I still really enjoyed it. It's like God of War to a lesser extent with a different story.

  35. Hey, RROD;

    What about Heavenly Sword? Didn't people say that was a GoW rip? Was the game any good?


  36. @Iceman

    We talk about this yesterday. Heavenly Sword ripped 2 or 3 ideas from God of War but Dante's Inferno ripped EVERYTHING from God of War. You'll see what I mean when you play the demo. And yes, Heavenly Sword was good and so is Dante's Inferno.

  37. @Iceman

    Also, Heavenly Sword has it's own identity. The production value is unmatched. Anyone who has played it knows what I'm talking about. Dante's Inferno does not have it's own identity.

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