Congrats to RRODisHere!

RPad Magnet LarcenousLaugh

The latest winner in the chick magnet giveaway is RRODisHere! Here’s his winning comment. He was one of the first readers I got attached to at G4 for the way he stirred the pot intelligently. While other editors wanted to ban him, I always supported his efforts. I’m thrilled that he’s hanging out at my new site!

Today’s photo is from LarcenousLaugh and it’s Bat-tastic! Batman might be dead (well, as dead as any huge comic book character gets) in current DC continuity, but I’m proud to stand by his side. For the record, I’m more Nightwing than Robin.

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52 thoughts on “Congrats to RRODisHere!”

  1. N8R

    Stop! Don't speak its name!

    Gratz RROD. Please don't junk Ray up and put it next to Falcons swag.

  2. @ Smartguy

    Aww… you done it now!

    It's gonna be a Falcons jersey shrouding as many PS3 exclusives as he has.

  3. congrats RROD, we need some more commenters here otherwise RPad is going to run out of people to give magnets to

  4. i only told ray not to give me one, so i could be the last….

    biding my time

    no, really im just waiting to figure out a way i can get barack obama to take a picture with an rpad magnet….might have to settle for steve levitt, wait…thats not "settling"

    bradley brinkman ftw

  5. Congratulations, RROD! Unfortunately, one of my bricked 360s' is in the shop for repairs, because if it wasn't, I'd send it to you to take a picture of the chick magnet next to it. Don't worry though, my back up 360 may go at any moment if you want to wait a while.


    I almost missed The Joker behind the magnet. A subtle and brilliant artistic shot of The Dark Knight promotional representation. Kudos!

    @Mr. Padilla;

    I am curious. Why did the other editors want to ban him? Why did you support him? I’ll understand if you can’t talk about it, but I am a sucker for “behind-the-scenes” action at places that I am interested in, but will never be able to work at… and Burger King.


  6. @N8R

    Right, the Feed would never give me anything. I've even submitted intelligent question for feedback and they ignored me.

    @Raymond Padilla

    Thanks for being the only one that realized that I brought intelligent debate to the table and can construct complete sentences. You didn't hate me, maybe that's why they canned you.

  7. @thundercracker There's no way you're not getting one. It will happen soon, I'm sure.

    @Iceman Some people — one in particular — felt that he was too disruptive and ruined conversations in comments. I didn't see it that way. RROD almost always had a point and almost always backed it up. A lot of people that replied couldn't deal with a logical argument, so they resorted to name calling, flaming, etc. On one hand, his agitation started a lot of flame wars, but only because the people he started with couldn't deal.

    @RRODisHere Ha!

  8. @Iceman

    Raymond answered your question perfectly. I had intelligent debates but the other side could never handle it. I would say something like "M$ said that the paid subscription for XBL was to keep ads away but they allowed ads anyway and still take you money for a peer-2-peer connection service with no dedicated servers", which is the truth and they couldn't handle it and would say "you fag, you're gay, the PS3 is gay and I did your mom last night". That's how the flame wars started. Me and Shockwave have debated intelligently about the Xbox and PS3 lots of times with NO immature name calling and homophobic slurs because neither one of us are offended when someone speaks the truth about our console of choice.

  9. @Iceman

    Also, I've brought up some of the same points here on that I did on the Feed and there's no flame wars here because Shockwave, Nightshade, Smartguy, N8R, and the rest can all respond like adults with no name calling and homophobic slurs and they are not affected by what is said about a console.

  10. @RROD, we did have some heated ones. I love a good debate rather than name calling. unfortunately when you're mostly arguing with 12 year olds the conversation will become limited quickly.

    At the end of the day it feels like arguments can be a waste of time. Like Republicans and Democrats or Atheists and Christians. But I will say I appreciate my PS3 a little bit more with RRODs comments. there are certain aspects of the system that is unmatched by any other.

  11. @ray

    do you still ever talk to leahy or any of those other people at the feed?

    i never liked brian leahy, im gonna be honest, hes a prude and never bothered to do anything than whine, also…hes an xbot

    killzone 2 feb 27!

  12. @RROD – your ghey for saying that we can act like adults… there… that feels better lol.

  13. @Shockwave – it's funny how a console debate can touch on some of the same points that an existential religious debate can also cover. It all comes down to preference and understanding. You have to realize that the purpose of said debate is only to spread knowledge, if you go in with the thought that you are going to suddenly inspire an a-ha moment and cause them to rethink their own argument, it's always going to end in name calling.

  14. come to think of it, the only person i miss over at the feed is steve johnson, he seemed like a good guy..kinda miss shooter too, but he died for me a little when he couldnt accept his destiny

  15. @ Thundercracker pic w/ Obama

    I hear the White House parties are pretty easy to get in to nowadays.

    In all honesty, I was looking at those Salahi photos earlier trying to figure out a good place to squeeze it in. The best place I came up with was grafting R Pad's head over Joe Biden's.

  16. @Shockwave

    Sad thing is, I don't think all of them were kids. I've heard some of them talk about their job and or kids. 12 year olds don't have jobs and kids.

  17. @Larcenous – Then the day an atheist, democrat, republican, or Christian says "a-ha! I see your point." That will be the day RROD has to buy an Xbox again, lol.

    I'm one of those weirdos that find myself in the middle on most things. I prefer Xbox yet I love my PS3, I grew up in a religious home but I don't care much for church. My family was Republican but I think either the left or the right side can be so blind.

  18. @RROD – good point. some people never grow up. That's an unfortunate stereotype of many gamers. The sad thing about stereotypes is that so often they can be true.

  19. @thundercracker Sadly, I've only kept in touch with one person from G4 and he's not from editorial. It appears that I've been slapped with a scarlet letter, which is a shame because I like so many of the guys over there.

    @RRODisHere In some third-world countries, they do…but they probably don't have Internet access.

  20. its ok, you took every interesting person away from their shoddy ass "news" website anyhows..

    you worked there how long again?

    i told you brian leahy was teh suck

  21. you really are a good dude, ray…much better a dude than i would be in that scenario

  22. I really only liked Leahy because he was a CMU grad. I maintain alot of respect for anyone who can get accepted and make it through CMU.

  23. @N8R – Ray has been slapped with the scarlet letter… I think it's time to superimpose his head over Demi Moore. Do it.

    @Ray – that's a shame, though it is the way of things in most instances. I know that I tend to look at the brightside of things, but it's probably more of an out of sight, out of mind thing then a straight up "Don't talk to R-pad" thing… though I also don't put that against them. Corporations are funny that way.

    @Shockwave – I like the middle. There is a lot of room to move around in when you aren't hemmed in by restrictions and predetermined fanatical judgments. If I close myself off to a portion of the world just because I don't agree with it, I lose part of what makes us unique as individuals. I may not agree with you or what your ideas are, but it won't stop me from listening.

    There are of course certain caveats to that – two major ones to be sure – the most immediate one is the Westboro Baptist Church. Those folks are fruit cakes of the worst kind. While I find a certain humor to the signs and funeral protests, I can't for the life of me follow their logical argument of "Professing Hate to show God's Love." Unless there are some mystical equations both myself and the Holy Bib-lee (That's Holy F*ckin Bible, sir) they profess to read are throwing into the mix, I really don't see how they get 2+2 = 39.

    If someone does get that though, even in a loose form of understanding, please feel free to share.

    The second major caveat is Holocaust Denyiers. I can understand, while extremely funny, people who don't believe we went to the moon. I can get with that, I love a good conspiracy, and it has it's place. Denying the Holocaust though… there are more then three people that witnessed those atrocities. I can kind of see how some of them think the numbers might be over blown, but honestly, there were so many people there prior to the camps, and only a few left afterwards. If you would like to go one believing that they are squirled away somewhere so the world can believe a lie, go ahead, but I think I am going to take the word of the old person with a number tatoo that can clearly remember the day he smelled his child roasting in the wind.

  24. Wow… that was long… and probably dropped down the level of discussion to "Depress Mode." Sorry about that.

  25. I really only disliked Sterling. That guy was a tool…still is actually. I remember he told me being gay isn't a choice, just like him getting married wasn't a choice. I called him out on that and he never once spoke to me again. He seems like the kind of fellow that would honk some bobo just to show you how tolerant he is.

  26. @Larcenous

    Just remember…idiots like Ahmandemonjob(haha) (iranian fruitcake) are holocaust deniers. Who the hell wants to be lumped in with that guy?

  27. @LarcenousLaugh I don't really hold it against them. If I have any ill will towards anybody there, it's towards someone that wasn't my friend anyway. As for the other guys, I realize it was an uncomfortable situation for them too, but from my perspective, October was just a horrendous month for me — lost my job, a great friend died, and I struggled with basic mobility because of a bad knee. I could have used the friendship.

    But like you implied, it's a waste holding onto negative feelings, so I try not to and usually don't.

  28. @Ray – You can delete this comment if you must but I think it was Sessler. isn't he in charge of the editor staff at G4 now? He seems like he'd be an ass off camera. Sometimes on camera

  29. @RRoD: Congrats. Send in some good pics.

    In reference to comment #21, I must say I have a higher opinion of you over here than I did on that other site. But I would usually come into a conversation after it had already become a flame war. And at that point you just kinda wade in wearing a flak jacket and hope for the best.

  30. @ Anybody still reading this far down…

    I just had another (hopefully) brilliant idea! All of this mushy, mature, togetherness talk had me thinking about the future just a bit.

    If this site is still around in five years, and we are all still around in five years, we should have some kind of RPad 5 year anniversary party to celebrate. Everyone could pitch in something. We could bring our consoles and our wives/girlfriends over to L.A. for a weekend. It could even be during E3 so it will give us an excuse to fly over (since the state being bankrupt, earthquakes, and wildfires don't help the cause. Plus, I’ve always wanted to go to E3). We could all meet up, play, party and have a few drinks. Almost like an RPad aRmy… or maybe R-Pad R-Me. (I don't know, give me some time to work on that one). If Mr. Padilla is OK with it, of course. After all, five years is a long ways off. This blog site still being around in 2014 (assuming that the world doesn’t end two years prior) is a cause for a toast and some friendly local fragging (and maybe a few Rock Band sessions), in my opinion.


  31. Great! Thanks for the support. I hope we all remember in five years. I probably won't, but I'm sure someone here will remind me.

    Yeah, the RPad aRmy thing would probably look good on a T-shirt, but someone would have to design it. Mr. Padilla, I smell a contest. I wasn't too sure about the spelling since you could do a lot with it as y'all have demonstrated.

    RPad aRmy

    R-Pad R-me

    RPad's Rmee

    RPad R-Mii (that's awesome, N8R) I'm sure the Nintendo fans would love that one.

    I'd love to see if someone can come up with a better one or if we shoudl just pick one of these.


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