Toshiba Cell Processor TV Available This Week

Toshiba Cell TV

Toshiba has been promising a Cell-based television for years and it’s finally set to deliver this week (in Japan) with the┬áCell Regza 55X1. Some people forget that the Cell processor is the product of a nefarious triumvirate joint venture between Sony, IBM, and Toshiba. While Sony uses Cell as the heart of its PlayStation 3 console and IBM has all sorts of Cell-based supercomputers, Toshiba hasn’t had anything to show for its investment. That changes on Thursday.

Here are some bullet points from Toshiba’s press release illustrating what Cell does for the 55X1:

  • CELL Platform Super Resolution Technology that builds on Toshiba’s current super resolution technology to offer unmatched picture quality.
  • Self-congruency, a dedicated process that improves image quality at the edge of the picture.
  • Enhanced color and brightness balance that improves picture color and definition.
  • LED backlight control system. In the CELL REGZA, the display is divided into 512 distinct areas, each with individually controlled lighting. Luminance is pushed to an industry high of 1250cd/m2, 2.5 times the level of typical TVs, and the dynamic contrast ratio is an astonishing 5,000,000:1.

In other words, this television will look better than yours. The Cell Regza 55X1 will be available in Japan this Thursday for around $11,000.

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9 thoughts on “Toshiba Cell Processor TV Available This Week”

  1. that is so flippin sweet… now if only i had the money… but then again isnt the CRVD cheaper… thats a bad ass tv too… but then again this tv would probably be the best combo with a PS3… there would be cells processin all over the place…

  2. @Smartguy

    Yeah, but the only product that it would actually make since to invest for, is their PC line up. Why invest in a CPU when you don't have to? What gains did they see?

  3. @sandrock

    They benefit from the gains of licensing and selling the chip to other companies to use. They also gain a competitive advantage by being able to use the chip in their devices without legal haggling. Lastly they gain the ability to use the Research and Development of Cell, whatever wasn't sold by IBM, for their going concern.

  4. @Smartguy

    Part of the deal was that IBM retain the rights to manufacturing and selling of Cell. I guess Sony and Toshiba are allowed to make their own Cell processors, but only IBM is allowed to sell them to other companies.

  5. @sandrock

    Correct, IBM can sell the chip to other companies. There is nothing stopping Toshiba from selling a chip built into a console or a piece of a larger product….like selling motherboards with cell processors onboard to whomever orders it. Not a big deal for IBM, Toshiba can't outproduce them.

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